Friday, March 9, 2012

Ice Skating

We all took Elsie ice skating for the first time. We figured we should take advantage of having two experts with us to show Elsie how it is done!
We got our skates on and tried walking around first.
J-Ma and Duncan found a good spot in the bleachers to watch the skaters.
Then Papa Pete took Elsie onto the ice.
He held Elsie's hand as she worked to move on the slippery ice.
Uncle Pete came in to give a hand.
Uncle Pete helped Elsie glide over the ice.
Daddy did a pretty good job, too!
Then it was time for a break.

And Duncan had a yummy snack.
Go Elsie!
Aunt Kate got to show off some of her old figure skating moves!
You can skate so fast when Papa Pete carries you!
Duncan took a little nap at the rink. He got all cuddled up with J-Ma to stay nice and warm.
Mommy got a turn to help Elsie skate.
And by the end of the session, Elsie was standing by herself and even skating a foot by herself! Now Elsie is very interested in ice skating and ice hockey! Will I be a rink Mom someday just like J-Ma?

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