Thursday, January 30, 2014

Isaac is 24 weeks old

Isaac turned 24 weeks old on Monday.

He was so interested in the blanket that he pulled it right down on top of himself!!

Isaac has mastered all 5 veggies and rice cereal.  He is now moving on to oatmeal and fruit!

Elsie was so proud to feed Isaac some oatmeal!  And then I had to take over when Isaac started going for the bowl!

We have the jumper toy down in the basement, so Isaac uses it less frequently.  The last time we were down there, though, Isaac was all about it!!  He just kept marching in place!

Look Mom!  No boppy!

Isaac can now sit by himself (although I still normally use the Boppy as a back up if I am not behind him).  He can reach down and grab the toys he wants and then "plays" with them.  At the moment, playing with his toys means eating them!

All of my boys playing together!!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

DuPage Children's Museum

It has been a very cold winter, and the kids needed to get out of the house.  So, we went to the DuPage Children's Museum for the first time since Isaac was born.  We headed up to the second floor first, where were enjoyed the trains, an hour-long storytime, and the triangle mirror!

It was the first time Isaac had been in this mirror.  Elsie and Duncan had both experienced plenty of the triangle mirror at Elmhurst Academy and loved it as babies.  Well, Isaac did too!

Everyone climbed in to have fun with Isaac!

After lunch in the basement, we explored bubbles, water, air, electricity, and balls!  Elsie was a master at the bubbles.  I just couldn't get a good picture of her with a huge bubble.

And Duncan just loved filling up containers with water and dumping them out.

Both of the kids did a great job playing with the exhibits fairly independently.  That allowed them to explore different areas, while Isaac and I kept an eye on both of them.  And, now that Duncan has given up his nap, we were able to play there for 5 hours!  Much better than sitting at home once again!

Isaac is 23 weeks old

Isaac turned 23 weeks old two Mondays ago.  And my happy boy is getting better at being happy for the camera!

Elsie and Duncan were excited to get in the picture, too!!

Lego lady!

Elsie was so proud when she finished all of the pieces in her Lego bucket!  And I was proud to be able to do the last two pieces with her!  Elsie tells me she works with the little Legos at school a lot, too.  Maybe we have a future Engineer!?

Isaac is 22 weeks old

Isaac turned 22 weeks old three Mondays ago.  He is OK with tummy time on the Boppy these days (but still really dislikes tummy time directly on the floor).

He can grab toys that are in front of him...

...and bring them to his mouth.

And he is still loving his exersaucer!

Hey Mom!!

Isaac is 21 weeks old

Isaac turned 21 weeks old 4 Mondays ago.  He is getting good at sitting up with support.  I typically sit behind him while he plays with toys in front of him.  Getting a picture of him playing in this situation is pretty difficult, though, because he loves looking at my phone!

Isaac is now eating baby food and baby cereal pretty well - typically twice a day.  And sometimes he will play in his high chair before or after his feeding to let Mommy eat too!

He loves these keys because he can pick them up easily and because the key ring fits so well in his mouth!

 More practice sitting up with the Boppy for support!

Big sister Elsie (who looks so big in this picture!) still loves to play with Isaac, show him new toys, and keep him happy!


We had a huge snowfall over New Years!

While Papa Pete was out shoveling for us, the kids were enjoying the huge piles of snow!

Duncan was even covered in snow!

Lots of laying down on the tall piles.  Elsie and Duncan told me that they were taking naps!

Our small climber was totally buried!

A couple weeks later, it warmed up enough for Daddy to take the Christmas lights down and for us to take Isaac for a ride in the sled around the front yard!  I think the rest of us enjoyed it more than Isaac did!

Isaac is 20 weeks old

Isaac turned 20 weeks old 5 Mondays ago!

He has been having fun with his new Christmas toys this week.

He loves being able to smile at himself in the snail's mirror!

And then swinging his arm around until he hits the snail - setting of the lights and music!

Merry Christmas!

The kids woke up Christmas morning to find a note from Gary attached to the red ribbon at the top of the stairs.  Santa Claus had come!!

We were all excited to see the presents under the tree!

Duncan jumped right on the piano that Santa had brought for the kids.

And Elsie was excited to dig into her present from Santa!

Duncan was pretty excited to get a radio from Santa Claus!

Stocking time!!

Once Isaac woke up, we took a break to have some eggs, bacon, and bagels!

Elsie and Duncan enjoyed "helping" Isaac open and play with his toys!

"Look Isaac!"

Then we got to talk with the Bullard side of the family on the computer!

The kids quickly got distracted by that and finished opening their presents!  New beads for Elsie.

And a new musical instrument for Duncan.

An adorable Isaac in one of Duncan's presents!

And a saxoflute for for both of them!

Once we cleaned up the crazy mess, it was time to enjoy our new toys.  Elsie and Daddy had a lot of fun working together on Elsie's first "little Lego" set.  I was shocked at how little some of those legos are!!

After naps, we got dressed up for fancy dinner in our dining room - beef tenderloin with garlic mashed potatoes and broccoli.

And of course some yummy fudge and cookies for dessert!

We had a wonderful Christmas!!  The day after Christmas, we packed up and headed to Grandma's and Grandpa's house for a few days.  We enjoyed some warmer weather, scavenger hunts, delicious food, and great family time.  J-Ma and Papa Pete joined us in Elmhurst for New Years.  We hosted a small party on New Years Eve for a few other families, and then enjoyed a yummy prime rib dinner on New Years Day.