Sunday, February 28, 2010

Enjoying her birthday month

Elsie has been enjoying her new birthday toys. She now really loves her pony, rocking to the ridiculously annoying song, "I'm a little pony...". The worst part is that Jack thinks it is funny to send me texts during the day reminding me of this great song!

Elsie also really loves her bike. She likes to go really fast down the long hallway! Elsie has figured out that her feet belong on the petals, but she can't reach. She just holds them out there, letting the petals bang her feet when they come around.
During Elsie's 1-year checkup, we received Elsie's latest stats:
she now weighs 23lbs, 6oz; she measures 30.5" tall (she is now in the 90th percentile, so I guess her legs are finally growing!); her head is 47cm around.

I have been a bit tardy with my photos from school this month. The teachers made Elsie a beautiful crown for her birthday. From what they told me, she loved it and kept it on for most of the day. She shared it with Ava for a while and the girls both had a good laugh. You will see a few of Elsie's favorite things in these photos: walking around with the giraffe; laughing at herself in the mirror; and playing with the panda bear on the yoga mat.

Here is Elsie hanging with her friends, Remy and Ava.

A few weeks of school updates:

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Elsie turns 1 year old

Elsie turned 1 year old on February 10!!
The weekend prior, we celebrated Elsie's birthday. Here are a few highlights:
A new pony! Elsie wasn't so sure at first, but it is now one of her favorite toys. Who wouldn't love a rocking, singing pony? (Note the coordinated dress!)

Compared to Christmas, Elsie was much more into opening presents this time. I think it is just because she wanted to eat the paper...

Jack blew up a few balloons, and Elsie loved them! We were just waiting for her super sharp fingernails to pop one, but we escaped that adventure this time!

Elsie took a time out from opening presents to give me a kiss and point out a few of my facial features. (The nose is Elsie's favorite on Jack and I, with my earrings as a close second. Occasionally she will throw in an eye or mouth. On herself, Elsie only points out her ears.)

Elsie enjoyed toppling over her new blocks. She is doing the sign for more in the photo, asking that we stack up the blocks again for her to knock over.

Cake time! I really have no idea what I am doing when it comes to decorating cakes. My sister-in-law does some great cakes for her kids, so I will have to ask her for a lesson next time. Even though the icing was messy, it was super yummy!

Elsie licked some frosting, but really was not very interested in the cake. We tried several times that day without much luck. Turns out that Elsie had started to get a fever and just wasn't feeling that great. We will have to try again another time.

The last picture is the sign for "all done."
This has been the most amazing year! I cannot believe our baby is now a little girl.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Swim lessons

Elsie has been taking swim lessons at the high school this winter. Elsie really enjoys swimming for the duck, singing songs, and sliding into the water. She does not like it when her face gets wet. Typically both Jack and I swim with Elsie - on this day Jack stayed on the sidelines to man his new US Cellular ringback tone project e-mailbox and take pictures.

I keep trying to add a couple videos to this post, but it just won't work. So, you will just need to experience the fun with still photos!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Elsie is 51 weeks old!

(Sorry for the delay family and friends! I have a good excuse - Elsie has been sick this past week.)
Elsie turned 51 weeks old two Tuesday ago!

Elsie has mastered the skill of ripping tissues and papers into itsy bitsy little bits (and then eating them, of course).

We got all bundled up took a walk to the park a few weekends ago to enjoy the sun and Elsie's favorite swing. It was nice to get out of the house and breathe some fresh air. But it was also nice to come home and warm up in front of the fire.

On this one Sunday, Elsie was really interested in sitting up against the wall. She just kept going over to the wall, plopping down, and sitting with her back against the wall. We hadn't seen it before, and we haven't seen it since.

Elsie and Dad looking super cute.

And the newsletter from Elsie's school: