Monday, May 31, 2010

Feverish photo shoot

Elsie was home from school for a few days when we returned from PA with a fever. But she just looked so cute in this outfit - I had to take a few pictures. You will notice the paper towel in her hand - she was walking around the house wiping the floor and walls. She is learning so much in the Toddler room at school!

Weekend in PA

We spent a quick weekend in PA recently. Jack and I attended a beautiful black-tie wedding for a friend of mine from Cornell, Chrissy Peruto (now Christina Post).

The reception was held at her father's Mercedes Benz dealership and was just gorgeous. Among some of the amazing elements were martinis poured through ice sculptures and cotton candy!

I had a fabulous time with all of my field hockey girls! Oh, and the flowers were just amazing!!!

This also gave us a great excuse to see my family!! We had a really fun time hanging out in some gorgeous weather. Elsie came home with so many great new outfits hand sewn by Aunt Becky, J-Ma, and G-G-Ma.

Reading a book with Papa Pete!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Mother's week

I had the whole week off prior to Mother's Day. In addition to catching up on MANY outstanding items, Elsie and I had a lot of fun!
We decided to finally take the cats to the vet for a checkup. While I was getting everything ready, Elsie managed to crawl into the cage! Not the safest toy, but it was definitely cute! She was having so much fun (while the cats hid under the couch petrified of the cages and all of the noise Elsie was making!).

She now helps me carry the cereal box to the table and back to the pantry. I think she just likes the pantry

On Sunday, Jack made chicken salad, and Elsie and I made apple pie - two of my favorite foods! Elsie was strapped into one of the bar stools on the portable high chair / booster seat. We made such a mess! Of course, I tried the pie crust recipe 4 times for one pie - I absolutely cannot make pie crusts!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Another beautiful weekend

We have had so many beautiful weekends in April and now May! This one was especially nice, since I was unemployed! My last day at Barry Callebaut was on Friday, and after taking this week off, I will be starting my new job at Sara Lee on Monday.
We continue to work on our yard. This past weekend we trimmed trees and ripped out some dying / dead ones. Elsie was a huge help, carrying weeds to the paper bag, sweeping the driveway, picking up sticks, etc. (Yes, I breathed a huge sigh of relief this week when neither of us showed signs of poison ivy.)

Elsie loves the camera! She has also recently learned that there is a picture on the back of the camera. So, as soon as she sees me take a picture, she runs right to me to see how it turned out. We get a lot of pictures like this now - Elsie running straight towards the camera:

Or like this one. Elsie really likes playing with balls, especially playing basketball with dad. She picks up the ball, throws it, and "dribbles" (swats at it the same way she swats at the cats). She holds it up towards the basket when she is ready to have someone help her shoot.

If I shake hard enough, with the birdhouse come down?