Sunday, October 25, 2009

Elsie turns 36 weeks old

Elsie turned 36 weeks old on Tuesday (in her pajamas before bed).

We had a lot of fun out in the sun on Sunday! The weather was gorgeous and Elsie got to play in her favorite swing.

Elsie is getting harder to keep calm when eating. This was a particularly messy episode!

Elsie is really enjoys her school. Here she is playing with the pyramid mirror and the sensory bottles.

Elsie has already started her first fundraiser!! If you are interested in participating, you can do so online at
Student Code: 786900

And the school newsletter:

Elsie's first trip to Austin

We flew to Austin last weekend for a friend's wedding. Elsie did great with the traveling! She did great on the flights, except for the decent, where her ears were bothering her.

She had fun in the airport crawling around and eating in crazy places!

She enjoyed the hotel, enjoying the same activities she does at home.

We both enjoyed the pool! It is crazy how warm 75F feels after a few cold weeks in Chicago!

Elsie did great staying with a couple old Accenture friends while we enjoyed the wedding. Thanks so much Clint and Lindsey! The wedding was for Rob and Margaret - Rob is my last Cornell roommate to get married!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Elsie is 35 weeks old!

Elsie turned 35 weeks old on Tuesday.

Elsie has a very long torso and short legs. In fact, I have to hem all of her pants 1-2 inches. J-Ma made this great fleece last year- this clearly demonstrates how long Elsie's torso is! Check out that belly sticking out!

Now that Elsie can crawl, she is "exploring" all sorts of things - like my shoes!

Here are a couple pictures from school. Elsie is rocking out to Scribble Jim and Scribble Jane (they play fun music for kids) with a baby-sized maraca. And she is hamming it up for the camera while "exploring" her gourds.

And the update from Elsie's school.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Elsie turns 34 weeks old

Elsie turned 24 weeks old on Tuesday. Dad had camera duty and, without knowing it, put Elsie in the same outfit as last week!

Elsie is officially crawling! See the progress below! She can only go about 2 feet before she flops onto her stomach and starts crying, but we are all very excited! The babyproofing has begun.

Mom still enjoys searching for toys and baby equipment at yard sales. Elsie has been having a lot of fun helping dad play with his new basketball net on the garage, so I bought an Elsie-sized one!

Super cute church outfit (found the skirt at a yard sale)!

We took our new ($15 at a yard sale) jogging stroller out for a spin over the weekend.

It has been a hard year cheering for the Illini. Fortunately, I think Elsie's shirt may be big enough to make it to basketball season.

The update from Elsie's school:

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Elsie is 33 weeks old

Elsie turned 33 weeks old on Tuesday. You will notice the long sleeves - it has gotten cold here in Chicago! For Elsie and Mom, this is a lot of fun, since we get to buy more Elsie clothes!

Elsie has been working her way into more table foods. Both at home and at school, she tries a few things every day. You will see below that our attempt at peas and carrots did not go over so well - we had to revert back to jarred baby food for this meal. She is eating sweet potatoes, whole grain bagels and rice cakes, bananas, carrots, beans, cheerios, puffs, peaches, and cheese. She enjoys water a lot, too - just like mom!

We went to the pumpkin patch last weekend with our friends, Jill and Scott. We all had a lot of fun enjoying a hayride, some apple cider, and donuts! Elsie even grabbed a donut piece out of my hand and LOVED it!

It is sometimes hard to keep Elsie entertained these days - even with all of my toy shopping at garage sales. Sometimes a simple spatula is all she needs!

Elsie still really enjoys standing! She loves to stand now at her table of blocks or walk around with us holding her hands. She tries to chase the cats, but is still a little slow. Here is a video of Elsie with her blocks.

Elsie is having a lot of fun at school. Here are a couple cute pictures from Mrs. Brown and the weekly newsletter.