Monday, July 18, 2011

Duncan is ten weeks old

Duncan turned 10 weeks old on Wednesday. During his tenth week, Duncan had his two month checkup. He did great with the immunizations - in fact, they helped keep him asleep during our crazy airport and airplane experience later that afternoon (3 hours on the tarmac, flight cancellation, sprinting to another terminal to try to make a flight on another airline, loaner car seat, and another night at home before finally getting on a 6:00am flight the next morning to PHL). Our big boy weighed in at 15 lbs (97.5 percentile), measured 24.5 in (95th percentile), and his head circumference was 41.1cm (~80th percentile).

Daddy and Duncan have been practicing with the bottle for a few weeks. We had some rough attempts, but this week Duncan consistently took his daily bottle with minimal fussing. This allowed Elsie the opportunity to help me give Duncan a bottle for the first time!
Duncan has 3-4 very social periods throughout the day. Duncan lays on the blanket giving me big smiles and coos, moving his legs and arms around like crazy. Within a few minutes, he will have the bottom of the blanket all bunched up under his legs from moving them around so much. He likes to look at the toys we hold up for him and likes to read books with us - his eyes open very wide each time I turn the page! When he starts to get a little fussy, he likes to have his legs massaged and see his Mommy again. He is my big cutie-pa-tootie!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Kate's Bridal Shower

We got all dressed up in our tea party finest for Kate's bridal shower while we were in PA.
G-G-Ma looked gorgeous!
Becky got to be the one we dressed with toilet paper for the bridal shower game.
Two seamstresses at work on Becky's dress!
Kate was thrilled with the gift from the Bullard/Campana/Phipps ladies - a new dryer!

Visit to PA to meet the Bullards

Duncan boarded his first and second planes on his way to PA, thanks to a cancelled flight! Duncan got to meet many relatives during the trip! Aunt Becky, our baby lover, immediately scooped up Duncan.
Papa Pete helped us get Duncan to take a nap.
Curled up with G-G-Ma!
Enjoying the beautiful hot weather with Aunt Kate.
Good morning! J-Ma and Papa Pete watched Duncan and Elsie for us in the morning...and Mommy and Daddy got the sleep in!!
Elsie was a little fish in the pool. Back-to-back weekends at houses with pools have rally bolstered her confidence!
Jumping in to Papa Pete
Swimming with Uncle Pete.
Crazy Uncle Pete.
Swimming with Candice, Kate, Pete, and Kathleen.
Crazy Elsie with Aunt Candice.
Wearing Papa's Phillies hat.
I love how the future married couple is sitting the same way!
Uncle Rob stopped by with some gifts. Elsie was thrilled to model her new purse, bracelets, and shades.

Duncan turns 9 weeks old

A couple Wednesdays ago, Duncan turned 9 weeks old.

I think Duncan is doing really well during tummy time. He lifts his head up nice and high, and can make it a good 10 minutes before he starts to cry! My brave little man! He also enjoys watching the toys I wave above him. So far, he likes Leo the Lion, the crazy bug-spider, and the round rattle the best.
Elsie stays home from school a couple days each week to hang out with Mommy and Duncan. On this particular day, nobody else was at the park when we arrived. So, Elsie got to go to the big kid side without fear of being pushed over. She climbed up all of the different ladders and found a great bar for swinging.

July 4th at the Farm

We spent July 4th weekend at the Phipps Farm. Unfortunately, Grandma and Grandpa were off enjoying their we spent a lot of time enjoying their pool!
Elsie has become interested in the "big trucks" performing some major road construction near her school. So we made sure to spend some time on the big trucks (tractors, combines, and forklifts) at the farm! Daddy took Elsie out for a spin on the new tractor.
Mommy's forklift certifications expired a few years ago, so we just pretended to drive this one around.
Elsie and Daddy climbed up to the back of the new combine.
Elsie had fun showing off her new brother to her cousins, instructing Leah to be gentle with Duncan.
The four cousins had a lot of fun playing together!
On July 4th, Aunt Kris brought out the poppers to help us celebrate. I am pretty sure they are not approved for kids under 3, but Elsie still had fun throwing them and hearing them "pop."
Uncle Aaron led the big fireworks display at the farm with fireworks that Grandpa smuggled in from Indiana. They were huge and loud, and Elsie just kept asking for more! Duncan even cooperated by sleeping in his crib during the show! Our patriotic Elsie!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Phipps visit

Grandma Jan and Grandpa John came up for lunch before heading to Rome for their cruise. We had lunch on our back patio in the most gorgeous weather of the summer so far!

Duncan turns eight weeks old

Several Wednesdays ago, Duncan turned eight weeks old.
During his eighth week, Duncan started partially rolling over from his back to his front. Now Elsie is full of encouragement when Duncan is playing on the blanket saying, "Duncan roll over?"
Often when Jack comes home from work, he gets Duncan, and I start working on dinner with Elsie. On this particular evening, neither Duncan or Daddy had slept enough in the last 24 hours, and they zonked out together on the chair. So cute!