Saturday, July 16, 2011

July 4th at the Farm

We spent July 4th weekend at the Phipps Farm. Unfortunately, Grandma and Grandpa were off enjoying their we spent a lot of time enjoying their pool!
Elsie has become interested in the "big trucks" performing some major road construction near her school. So we made sure to spend some time on the big trucks (tractors, combines, and forklifts) at the farm! Daddy took Elsie out for a spin on the new tractor.
Mommy's forklift certifications expired a few years ago, so we just pretended to drive this one around.
Elsie and Daddy climbed up to the back of the new combine.
Elsie had fun showing off her new brother to her cousins, instructing Leah to be gentle with Duncan.
The four cousins had a lot of fun playing together!
On July 4th, Aunt Kris brought out the poppers to help us celebrate. I am pretty sure they are not approved for kids under 3, but Elsie still had fun throwing them and hearing them "pop."
Uncle Aaron led the big fireworks display at the farm with fireworks that Grandpa smuggled in from Indiana. They were huge and loud, and Elsie just kept asking for more! Duncan even cooperated by sleeping in his crib during the show! Our patriotic Elsie!

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