Sunday, January 31, 2010

Elsie is 50 weeks old

Elsie turned 50 weeks old on Tuesday.

We had fun on Saturday morning opening up some packages! Elsie was oblivious to the fact that some of them were her birthday presents!

Jack and I were working on a recipe on Saturday for a yummy dinner with friends. Elsie had fun helping us and enjoyed playing with the celery. (She did not enjoy eating the celery at snack time.) Elsie likes to give the cats her favorite toys through the cat hole that leads to the basement. We later found a celery stick on the other side of the door! What a thoughtful baby!

Elsie had another great week at school playing with paint, bubble wrap, and play-doh.

Elsie is very loving to the little baby Emma at school. The teachers tell us that Elsie likes to give Emma kisses and help get Emma out of the car seat in the morning. I doubt Emma's parents are as excited about the germ swapping.

Here is the newsletter from school

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Elsie is 49 weeks old

Elsie turned 49 weeks old on Tuesday.
Elsie is very interested in the dishwasher. Jack is normally the one to empty and fill the dishwasher, and I am the one chasing after Elsie and trying to redirect her attention!

Elsie has started using a spoon to feed herself. We started with yogurt. What a mess! I need to help load the spoon with the food, but then Elsie can take it from there. We both end up coated in yogurt - Elsie enjoys touching our slimy fingers together.

Elsie enjoys taking the donuts off of the post. She hasn't yet figured out that she can also put the donuts back on. Jack and I both dislike this toy - once the donuts are off, Elsie often trips over this silly post (we blame her short legs).


Ava came over for a playdate over the weekend. Elsie and Ava enjoyed sucking on the same toys and shared an interest in rearranging the furniture.

Eva and Elsie also had a fun week at school frolicking in the snow and mountains of fabric!

Here is the update from school.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Elsie turns 48 weeks old

Elsie turned 48 weeks old on Tuesday.

Elsie has started to give out kisses. It is really so adorable, although also very slobbery!

Elsie had a fun week at school. Here Elsie and Ava are really enjoying their yogurt!

Elsie worked on a painting (with corn syrup paint!). It was so messy that she needed a bath!

And here is the newsletter:

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Elsie is 47 weeks old

Elsie turned 47 weeks old last Tuesday.

Elsie has been having fun exploring all of the different toys in her bedroom. She pulls out the buckets and then pulls out the individual toys. Then she will take off down the hallway looking for the cats or mom and dad.

Elsie enjoyed going back to school on Monday. She was happy to see her friends - here Elsie is being very gentle with baby Emma. And Elsie was excited to get back to work entertaining herself in the big triangle mirror.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year!

Grandma Jan and Grandpa John came for a visit over New Years. Elsie demonstrated some of her new tricks! Elsie really enjoys reading...the same book over and over again. This is probably familiar for you veteran parents, but Jack and I think it is kind of funny. Here is Elsie picking out a book, carrying it over to Grandma Jan, and becoming completely engrossed as the book is read.

Elsie also demonstrated her desire to redecorate our house. She likes to push the furniture around. Here, Elsie left the end table in the middle of the walkway.

Elsie is walking on her own, and she now wishes she could run. So, Elsie still hitches a ride (here with Grandma) or grabs on to her walker to go really fast. She just walks or runs circles around the house. When Elsie is really happy, she smiles real wide and throws her head back! Fortunately, Elsie is hanging on here. Otherwise, she just loses her balance and lands on her bum.

The grandparents watched Elsie so Jack and I could go out for New Years Eve. We actually stayed awake for the whole thing (and greatly enjoyed sleeping in while guests at Scott and Jill's!!).

Elsie turns 46 weeks old

Elsie turned 46 weeks old on Tuesday. And, I forgot to take the picture!! The holiday was just too exciting for our typical routines! Instead, I can offer these photos - Elsie is carrying some toys that Jack agglomerated for her.

We spent the week in Pennsylvania with the Bullards. There was a lot of hanging out in pajamas playing with our new toys! For me, a new camera (notice the improved pictures? If not, it is because I am still reading the very large manual...) and an iPod (Jack is trying to improve my cool factor while commuting on the train). For Elsie, a plethora of age-appropriate toys.

We also spent an hour at the open gym at the Romp and Roll. Elsie was probably a little young, but she enjoyed climbing through the tunnel, climbing up ramps and steps and bouncing on the trampoline.

More than anything, Elsie loved the trapeze. She was actually strong enough to hang on for about 5 seconds on her own. But Elsie preferred being swung back and forth. When we tried to move her to a different piece of equipment, she would just walk back over to this swing!