Sunday, January 3, 2010

Elsie turns 46 weeks old

Elsie turned 46 weeks old on Tuesday. And, I forgot to take the picture!! The holiday was just too exciting for our typical routines! Instead, I can offer these photos - Elsie is carrying some toys that Jack agglomerated for her.

We spent the week in Pennsylvania with the Bullards. There was a lot of hanging out in pajamas playing with our new toys! For me, a new camera (notice the improved pictures? If not, it is because I am still reading the very large manual...) and an iPod (Jack is trying to improve my cool factor while commuting on the train). For Elsie, a plethora of age-appropriate toys.

We also spent an hour at the open gym at the Romp and Roll. Elsie was probably a little young, but she enjoyed climbing through the tunnel, climbing up ramps and steps and bouncing on the trampoline.

More than anything, Elsie loved the trapeze. She was actually strong enough to hang on for about 5 seconds on her own. But Elsie preferred being swung back and forth. When we tried to move her to a different piece of equipment, she would just walk back over to this swing!

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