Sunday, April 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Happy 35th Birthday Daddy!  We all had a yummy time celebrating daddy's birthday this year.  Daddy finally convinced me to stop using individual candles.  He said it was for the children's safety!

Daddy was also happy to receive a new iPad generation 3!  Now we are armed with technology for our big trip to St. Martin!

Elsie and Duncan are great playmates

It brings me great joy watching Elsie and Duncan play together.  Most of the time, they play peacefully together.  Sometimes they just play next to each other and sometimes Elsie tries to teach Duncan how to play.  Here they are both playing cookies.  

Elsie serves up cookies for Duncan to enjoy.  Duncan must have been particularly excited about the cookie with the vanilla frosting and sprinkles!

Here Elsie got out a bunch of pots and pans from the play kitchen and helped Duncan make a lot of noise!  Duncan loves this game!

At the table, Elsie and Duncan just make each other laugh and laugh.  Here is a great example of Elsie going crazy to get Duncan to laugh.

Duncan is 46 weeks old

Duncan turned 46 weeks old six Wednesdays ago!  He is really having a lot of fun with his Elephant!

He finds a ball on the ground on in the Elephants pouch. 

Then he puts the ball in the elephants ear and pushes the big red button. 

Then out comes the ball!  He i so proud of himself when he is able to get the ball to come out all by himself! 

Here are a few cute pictures of Duncan at school.  The weather has been in the 80s, so Duncan has been wearing shorts and getting outside a lot! 

He is starting to climb up the stairs on the Discovery Play Garden.  Duncan loves stairs! 

Splashing with the frogs in the water outside! 

Banging the wood pieces together! 

Elsie and Betty

 Elsie has been doing a great job petting the cats gently.  Betty is especially affectionate with Elsie outside in the sunshine!  

Elsie's new favorite summer shirt is her cat shirt.  It matches Betty so well! 

Earlier in the day, Elsie was thrilled to wear a church dress with nakey legs and new sparkly shoes!  The weather has just been so beautiful.

Duncan is 45 weeks old

Duncan turned 45 weeks old seven Wednesdays ago.  He is just so darn cute!

Duncan really loves playing with the small chairs near the back door.  He likes to try to tip them over while holding on to the chairs for balance. 

I think he likes hanging out in this spot, because he knows the cats will come to him! 

He gets so excited when he sees the cats and just chases them around making an excited hissing sound with his throat. 

Unfortunately for Duncan, Betty is much faster than Duncan. 

Duncan is still a very good eater.  Now he is starting to experiment with playing with the food, often rubbing it in his hair! 

And rubbing it in his eyes. 

After dinner he races over to the high chair to play with the buckles.

He can reach the top of the table now, so we need to be careful with what we store near the edge! 

Recently the weather was perfect for Duncan's Adidas track suit!  He looks so cute in this outfit direct from Germany!  Thanks Antonia! 

Like a typical boy, Duncan likes playing with balls.  Elsie or I will roll them to Duncan and then he throws the back.  He had a great time with this one outside because it was so big!