Monday, June 29, 2009

The Ormistons come for a visit

Bryce, Annie, and Brendan (10 months) were in town and came for a visit on Saturday.

Elsie turns 19 weeks old

Elsie turned 19 weeks old on Tuesday!

A day earlier, she became a member of the clean plate club! Well, I guess it is really a clean miniature bowl club!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Celebrating father's day with solid food!

Elsie made dad a cute Father's Day gift at daycare! This one is spelled correctly, too!

To top off the day, we went out and bought a high chair! Elsie had her first taste of rice cereal today! I think she actually ate quite a bit!! We had a lot of fun trying to hold down her arms, get the spoon to her mouth, and keep the new high chair clean!

Great weekend with cousins!

Cousins John and Leah came up for a visit this weekend! Elsie had so much fun with them.

Kris and I took the kids to a few garage sales searching for baby toys and bikes. During their visit, the power went out at our house...and stayed off for over 24 hours. Jack and Aaron spent most of the time purchasing and setting up our new generator. Sunday night we slept in the basement to keep cool! It was a fun and crazy weekend!


It was finally warm enough on a weekend to wear some cute summer outfits. Unfortunately, we waited too long for the overalls - Elsie's torso is already getting a little too long for her 6-month clothes!

Elsie is 18 weeks old!

On Tuesday Elsie turned 18 weeks old.

During Elsie's 18th week, we took her to the doctor for her 4-month checkup. She did great with the immunizations again. Such a trooper! Elsie's now weighs in at 15 lbs, 0 oz and measures 24.5 inches long. And, in case you were planning on buying Elsie a fitted hat, her head circumference is 40.9 cm! With the doctor's encouragement, we decided to start letting Elsie fall asleep on her own. So far it is going OK. She only cries for 15-20 minutes before falling asleep. It has also helped her stay asleep throughout the night (or at least until 4:30, which is the earliest "acceptable" time, since I normally wake up at 5. On Saturday night she had a rough time getting through the night. Unfortunately, this meant she was pretty fussy on Sunday when she spent the day with Aunt Kaye and Uncle Wally - Jack and I went to a (great!) Cubs game.

We got the camera back! Here is the first photo with our repaired camera. Elsie is still enjoying the ultrasaucer!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Elsie turns 17 weeks old!

On Tuesday, Elsie hit the 17 week mark. Dad took a few pictures with his phone when Elsie was dressed for bed. These are her grape pajamas.

In the last week or two, Elsie has gotten noticeably stronger. She really enjoys the Ultrasaucer, and really moves around in it now. She throws herself around in it so hard, I get nervous it is going to tip over! She still can't figure out how to get these toys in her mouth. She just stares at them with her mouth open! So cute.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Elsie is 16 weeks old

Elsie turned 16 weeks old on Tuesday. This was also the day that I dropped the camera and broke it!! Dad took a couple pictures with his phone. Elsie was a little confused without the flash! It will be about 3 more weeks before we get the camera back from the repair shop, so the blogs we be a little less colorful. Sorry!!

Elsie wore her first handmade dress to church on Sunday! Thanks so much J-Ma for the pretty dress. Everyone said "Aww!"

Elsie is getting pretty good with the rattles. She can now figure out how to get them in her mouth. When she brings a rattle to her mouth, she loses sight of it, therefore forgetting about it. About a minute later, it starts all over again when she sees the rattle. It is so cute! Elsie has started drinking at least one bottle of formula each day (Mom has been having trouble keeping up). She is doing a great job with it! Unfortunately, it still hasn't helped her sleep through the night.

Elsie continues to be a big smiler! Plus she started laughing for real when I tickle her armpits. I am very happy that she seems to really enjoy physical play. We're still working on enjoying tummy time. I think she will completely bypass crawling and sitting - she'll just move immediately from laying to standing!