Sunday, June 7, 2009

Elsie is 16 weeks old

Elsie turned 16 weeks old on Tuesday. This was also the day that I dropped the camera and broke it!! Dad took a couple pictures with his phone. Elsie was a little confused without the flash! It will be about 3 more weeks before we get the camera back from the repair shop, so the blogs we be a little less colorful. Sorry!!

Elsie wore her first handmade dress to church on Sunday! Thanks so much J-Ma for the pretty dress. Everyone said "Aww!"

Elsie is getting pretty good with the rattles. She can now figure out how to get them in her mouth. When she brings a rattle to her mouth, she loses sight of it, therefore forgetting about it. About a minute later, it starts all over again when she sees the rattle. It is so cute! Elsie has started drinking at least one bottle of formula each day (Mom has been having trouble keeping up). She is doing a great job with it! Unfortunately, it still hasn't helped her sleep through the night.

Elsie continues to be a big smiler! Plus she started laughing for real when I tickle her armpits. I am very happy that she seems to really enjoy physical play. We're still working on enjoying tummy time. I think she will completely bypass crawling and sitting - she'll just move immediately from laying to standing!

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