Thursday, October 31, 2013

Isaac is 10 weeks old!

Two Mondays ago, Isaac turned 10 weeks old!

Isaac doesn't mind the fish so much anymore.  He can chill in here a couple times a week for a few minutes.  He really prefers playing on the blanket in the middle of the room or chilling in the bouncy seat when I am cooking or eating in the kitchen.

Duncan likes to play with Isaac, it is just really hard for Duncan to be gentle.  Here, he is helping Isaac talk on the phone with Grandma and Grandpa!

In fact, Duncan picked Isaac's shirt today.  Duncan was wearing green, so when it came time to get Isaac dressed, Duncan wanted "Isaac wear green shirt like Duncan!"  I'll have to get them some matching clothes!

Such a squeezable guy!

Hog Wallow Farm!

Another harvest season means another visit to Grandma and Grandpa...and a visit to Hog Wallow Farm in Indiana!!  This place is fantastic, especially the homemade slides that I am pretty sure are outlawed in most parts of the country these days!

The slides go so fast that Duncan needs to be caught at the bottom!

One of the kids' favorite are these tunnel slides that are perched on a hill.  Once you come out of the tunnel, you still get to slide down the hill on the plastic!

Isaac took his first ride in the Baby Bjorn facing outward.  He likes this much better than facing me!  And Isaac did a fantastic job on the car trip to the Phipps Farm - he slept the whole way down and the whole way back!!


After lunch and a quick visit to the taxidermy barn, Grandma took the kids for a ride to pick out a couple pumpkins to bring back to Elmhurst!  Thanks Grandma!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Isaac is 9 weeks

On Monday, Isaac turned 9 weeks old!

Isaac took his first trip to the Brookfield Zoo...and slept the whole time!  As expected, he woke up about two minutes after we pulled out of the parking lot on our way home!  Elsie did a fantastic job calming him down and getting him back to sleep!

Isaac now plays for long stretches (~30 minutes) on the blanket.  He likes to talk with us, likes to look at rattles and a couple books, and loves belly rubs and belly tickles!  He is really quite mesmerizing to laugh with!

Pumpkin carving and meetings

After a fun day at the Elmhurst Fall Fest, we brought our pumpkins back home to carve.

Elsie was initially bummed that we wouldn't get to paint the pumpkins, but it really looks like she was enjoying herself doesn't it?!  We had to explain to her that this is the way Mommy and Daddy used to decorate their pumpkins when we were younger!  

Duncan was equally grossed out by the feeling of the insides!

After our hard work, we were able to display them outside for our neighbors to enjoy.  Of course, we could only leave them outside for a few hours each evening while the candles were burning.  Otherwise, the squirrels would have eaten them.

Elsie and Mommy worked on this pumpkin.  Elsie drew the eyes, nose, and mouth, and helped Mommy cut out the mouth.

Duncan and Daddy carved this pumpkin.  Duncan loved helping Daddy with the knife.  And Daddy had fun experimenting with eyebrows!

When the kids ask Daddy what he did at work, he often says he went to meetings.  So one day, Elsie and Duncan decided to have a meeting.  They set up all the chairs and invited others to join their meeting, including Rody, Sophie, and Peanut Butter.  Yep.  I am sure this meeting was as effective as some of Daddy's meetings!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Getting silly with Grandpa!

Duncan and Elsie got pretty crazy with Grandpa when he was in town for Aunt Kaye's wedding.  I am not sure why, but they both love to jump on Grandpa.  Poor Grandpa!

Tickles for Elsie!

Big hugs for Duncan!

Isaac is 8 weeks old

Two Mondays ago, Isaac turned 8 weeks old.  Isaac surprised us over the weekend by sleeping 8 consecutive hours one night, and then 7.5 the next!  It was great to get some extra sleep before he went back to his regular pattern of getting up once at night.

I recently purchased a used swing to act as another set of hands while I am getting myself and Duncan dressed in the morning.  Fortunately Elsie can dress herself!  In Isaac's eighth week, it was finally successful!  He happily sat in his swing watching the fish swim by while I got us ready...and then he fell asleep!

Isaac wakes up from his afternoon nap sometime between 3 and 5.  Then he doesn't want to go to bed again until 9-10.  He gets sleepy in between, but just wants to take short naps in our arms.  After bath time for Elsie and Duncan, Daddy took a brief rest from holding out little Isaac.

Great Grandma Sonneveldt came for a visit for Aunt Kaye's wedding, and got a few snuggles with Isaac.

Smiles for Great Grandma Sonneveldt!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Issac turns 7 weeks old!

Two Mondays ago, Isaac turned 7 weeks old!

The Gaetos hosted us for a yummy risotto dinner (Mommy's favorite), and Isaac enjoyed a little nap in Jen's arms!

Isaac was super pleasant one day when Elsie and Duncan were napping.  We played on the floor for a while and I got some fantastic pictures of our baby Isaac smiling and talking to me!  He has some really cute dimples trying to poke through the chubby cheeks!

In the afternoons after everyone wakes up from naps and Isaac has been fed, we head outside to play.

In the daylight, you can see the color of Isaac's eyes.  While they are still a little grayish, you can see only blue hues - no brown.  So it looks like we will have ourselves another blue-eyed boy!

Our three beautiful children!

I love how Isaac is already showing the big kids that he is the center of attention!  Move over Elsie and Duncan!

Hanging out with big sis!

Mommy had a particularly rough morning one day.  I was short on sleep, Isaac was having a tough time falling asleep, Duncan wanted to go outside to play, and Elsie wanted to read a book.  I was feeling really overwhelmed.  And then, in the afternoon, instead of putting Isaac in his crib to nap like I usually do, I just held him and let him sleep in my arms.  It made me feel so much better!  Maybe what Isaac and I both needed was a good cuddle!