Thursday, October 31, 2013

Hog Wallow Farm!

Another harvest season means another visit to Grandma and Grandpa...and a visit to Hog Wallow Farm in Indiana!!  This place is fantastic, especially the homemade slides that I am pretty sure are outlawed in most parts of the country these days!

The slides go so fast that Duncan needs to be caught at the bottom!

One of the kids' favorite are these tunnel slides that are perched on a hill.  Once you come out of the tunnel, you still get to slide down the hill on the plastic!

Isaac took his first ride in the Baby Bjorn facing outward.  He likes this much better than facing me!  And Isaac did a fantastic job on the car trip to the Phipps Farm - he slept the whole way down and the whole way back!!


After lunch and a quick visit to the taxidermy barn, Grandma took the kids for a ride to pick out a couple pumpkins to bring back to Elmhurst!  Thanks Grandma!

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