Sunday, April 25, 2010

Go Cubs!!

We attended our first Cubs game this year on April 18. We got dressed in our Cubs best...and then got bundled up at Wrigley Field. We lasted seven innings! The Cubs were winning when we left...but just couldn't hold on.

DuPage Children's museum

Elmhurst Academy had a free night at the DuPage Children's museum just for the students! We had so much fun, especially because the museum was practically empty! For those with children in the area, this is a really great museum for kids!

Making music by banging on a pink tank!


J-Ma and Papa Pete came out to Illinois for Easter. We had a lot of fun. Elsie showed off two of her favorite things: blocks and belly buttons!

We went to a small zoo near our house. I was so impressed with our little Elsie when she saw the cow and said "Moo!" What a smart baby!
When we got to the sheep and the 3-day old lamb, Elsie said "Moo!" And the pigs? Also "Moo!" OK, so not the genius baby I first thought. But I am thrilled that her favorite farm animal is a cow!
Elsie says quite a few words now in addition to her signs. And by "words" I mean sounds that are similar to the actual words that only Mom and Dad can decipher. We love it! Some of these words include: hat, help, sock, duck, arm, eye, up, banana, an coat.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!

Our Easter morning started with a few surprises from the Easter Bunny. Elsie knew just what to do when she saw the Easter eggs in the living room - she immediately got to work picking them up and placing them in the basket. Then, she dumped the basket out and tried wearing it as a hat! Elsie also really enjoyed her puzzle from the Easter Bunny!
Elsie had fun opening presents from Grandma Jan and Grandpa John. She especially enjoyed decorating the pony with the ribbons!
It was a gorgeous day outside, so we took a nice family picture with J-Ma and Papa Pete, who were visiting for the holiday.
Elsie spent the afternoon hunting eggs and kitties! She just threw each egg into the basket, breaking most of the shells, and prompting us to enjoy some tasty egg salad sandwiches for lunch!

Happy Easter everyone!

Kristi meets Lasse

I was recently in Europe for work, and I used the opportunity to see Antonia and Thommi and meet their son Lasse (4.5 months). Jack did a wonderful job with Elsie for the long week (thanks to some help from his Grandma Jan!).
While in Bamberg, Germany, the weather was gorgeous and we went out for a long walk and coffees!