Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!

Our Easter morning started with a few surprises from the Easter Bunny. Elsie knew just what to do when she saw the Easter eggs in the living room - she immediately got to work picking them up and placing them in the basket. Then, she dumped the basket out and tried wearing it as a hat! Elsie also really enjoyed her puzzle from the Easter Bunny!
Elsie had fun opening presents from Grandma Jan and Grandpa John. She especially enjoyed decorating the pony with the ribbons!
It was a gorgeous day outside, so we took a nice family picture with J-Ma and Papa Pete, who were visiting for the holiday.
Elsie spent the afternoon hunting eggs and kitties! She just threw each egg into the basket, breaking most of the shells, and prompting us to enjoy some tasty egg salad sandwiches for lunch!

Happy Easter everyone!