Saturday, December 24, 2011

First Snow!

We had our first snow of the season here on Friday, December 9. I was home that day, so Elsie asked to put on her snow gear right away!
She ran around in the back yard making tracks in the snow.
I got Duncan all bundled up in his snowsuit, then we went out to enjoy the tiny bit of snow. It only stuck around for a few days before the warmer weather melted it all away. I am sure there is more to come this winter!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Duncan is 31 weeks old

Duncan turned 31 weeks old three Wednesdays ago.

Duncan is getting pretty good with his baby food, eating 3 small servings each day. He really likes to help with the feedings by grabbing the spoon!
Sometimes he helps guide the spoon to his mouth. Other times, I think he is trying to get the spoon into his ear or eye or something.
Elsie has been helping Duncan get into the Christmas spirit! Sure, the hat has sequins on it, but Duncan still loves it!
Duncan is absolutely in love with his monkey! It moves around singing, and Duncan just squeals and laughs! The monkey is supposed to encourage babies to get up a crawl. No such luck yet, but we still have a great time with the monkey.
Monkey monkey monkey!
Elsie likes to join us when we play on the ground. We all end up wrestling, tickling, rolling around and laughing.
Duncan has suck a great laugh!
And of course, hop on pop is a favorite!

The Polar Express

The first weekend of December, we embarked on a journey on the Polar Express! We boarded the train in Elmhurst and set out on our one hour ride to the North Pole.
Duncan enjoyed the view, watching all of the homes and cars pass by the window.
We all ate cheese, crackers, and pepperoni on the way to the North Pole as we listed to the reading of "The Polar Express." Elsie has her special ticket ready for the conductor.
When we got to the North Pole, Santa joined us on the train. He stopped by to talk to each child and ask what they wanted for Christmas. Elsie asked for a tiger (a stuffed tiger), a black jacket, and Christmas lights. Elsie was a little apprehensive about sitting near Santa, but did a great job talking with him from from Mommy's lap.
When it was time to get her picture taken with Santa, she was still a little too nervous.
On the way back to Elmhurst, we sung carols and played with our sticker book.

We had a great time on the Polar Express!

Duncan is 30 weeks old

Duncan turned 30 weeks old four Wednesdays ago. Besides having a great time and the farm during his 30th week, Duncan is really becoming an explorer! He digs in his toy basket for just the right toy.
And then it goes straight his mouth!
Hi Mom! Look what I found!
Duncan had a teddy bear picnic at school, and brought his favorite giraffe with him!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

We spent Thanksgiving at the farm this year. Some of Kris's family joined us, as well. Grandma Betty came from Utah, and Susan, Chuck, Joshua, Carson, and Lydia drove from South Carolina. The extra people gave Grandpa a great excuse to get his toys...I mean tools..out and build an extension to the dining room table.
Elsie was a little overwhelmed by all of the boy activities - Nerf gun, battle ax, and bow and arrow!
Elsie and Leah had a great time jumping on top of Grandpa! This activity was revisited several times throughout the weekend.
We all got outside for some football...
...and some hop on pop!
It was a bit too windy outside for Duncan, so we came back inside to play with Lydia, who is exactly one month older than Duncan.
Grandma and Duncan got in some good snuggle time over the weekend!
Aunt Kris's family always does a craft after Thanksgiving. Kris prepared some great crafts this year, and we got to use Grandpa's new craft room (his new woodworking shed)!
We all strung beads onto string to make Christmas necklaces.
Elsie was really engaged by this activity. She strung on all of the beads by herself!
Duncan provided some good entertainment for the kids, and he loved the attention from all of the big kids!
Snuggles with Grandpa!
Elsie and Leah fit in some good reading time with Grandpa.
Duncan was super excited by the giant Lazarus - Maizy! Elsie, however, was scared of Maizy's licks, so Maizy had to sit outside most of the weekend. Elsie was perfectly content playing with Maizy when a pane of glass separated the two of them.
Elsie helped Grandma out at the compost pile using this Elsie-sized wheelbarrow.

Elsie is Star Student

Each week, a different student in the Preschool Prep room is the Star Student. On Monday, the Star Student presents pictures about their life. Throughout the week, these pictures are posted on the Star Student board. In addition, the Star Student gets to be the "concierge" and hold the door open for the class. Elsie was the Start Student for a week in November, and here were her pictures.
At first, Elsie started so small
And now she is so tall
Elsie's favorite book is Dora's Rainbow Egg Hunt
Her favorite food is pizza
This is her favorite yoga pose.
And her favorite song is the "ABCs"
Elsie had two cats, Betty and Lazarus
Elsie's family
Elsie and her brother, Duncan
Happy Elsie playing outside
And Elsie with her cousins, John and Leah

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Duncan is 29 weeks old

Three Wednesdays ago, Duncan turned 29 weeks old.

Duncan is really getting good at the jumper!!
And Duncan had a fun time painting at school!