Friday, December 16, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

We spent Thanksgiving at the farm this year. Some of Kris's family joined us, as well. Grandma Betty came from Utah, and Susan, Chuck, Joshua, Carson, and Lydia drove from South Carolina. The extra people gave Grandpa a great excuse to get his toys...I mean tools..out and build an extension to the dining room table.
Elsie was a little overwhelmed by all of the boy activities - Nerf gun, battle ax, and bow and arrow!
Elsie and Leah had a great time jumping on top of Grandpa! This activity was revisited several times throughout the weekend.
We all got outside for some football...
...and some hop on pop!
It was a bit too windy outside for Duncan, so we came back inside to play with Lydia, who is exactly one month older than Duncan.
Grandma and Duncan got in some good snuggle time over the weekend!
Aunt Kris's family always does a craft after Thanksgiving. Kris prepared some great crafts this year, and we got to use Grandpa's new craft room (his new woodworking shed)!
We all strung beads onto string to make Christmas necklaces.
Elsie was really engaged by this activity. She strung on all of the beads by herself!
Duncan provided some good entertainment for the kids, and he loved the attention from all of the big kids!
Snuggles with Grandpa!
Elsie and Leah fit in some good reading time with Grandpa.
Duncan was super excited by the giant Lazarus - Maizy! Elsie, however, was scared of Maizy's licks, so Maizy had to sit outside most of the weekend. Elsie was perfectly content playing with Maizy when a pane of glass separated the two of them.
Elsie helped Grandma out at the compost pile using this Elsie-sized wheelbarrow.

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