Sunday, October 2, 2011

Duncan is 21 weeks old

Last Wednesday, Duncan turned 21 weeks old.

He was unhappy sitting upright for these photos, so he moved into his "How you doin?" pose!
Duncan has all new tricks this week! He is really grabbing onto his toys (and my hair, face, and neck). He can push the button on the fish to make him sing. And he can bring rattles to his face - not quite all the way to his mouth yet.
His torso has gotten much stronger, and he can now stay upright in the exersaucer without slumping. He is pretty obsessed with this clear spinning ball with beads in it.
Daddy, Duncan, and Elsie enjoyed watching the Bears game last weekend with a Bears snack, goldfish. Duncan already has the belly of a linebacker!
Duncan is getting more into his food. He can eat about 5 small spoonfuls before calling it quits.

Duncan really does not like being on the boppy (or on his tummy at all) at home. It must be the gigantic mirror that keeps him interested at school!
A new younger infant, Avery, arrived at Elmhurst Academy. Duncan now has another stationary playmate!
So excited to be at the big table!
Duncan can be so serious sometimes! Here he is concentrating on the dirt, scraping his fingers through it, and trying to create mud with his drool!

Independent Elsie

Elsie has become extremely independent these days. She has been potty training since July, and can make it through some days without an accident. For all of the other days, I have purchased a lot of pants for Fall!
Elsie can completely dress and undress herself...and sometimes before you know it, she is sitting naked in the living room playing! [I think this one will be a good one to show during her rehearsal dinner one day!]
Elsie is a big helper around the house. She likes to use the dust buster she gave me for my birthday, but she also likes to help with the other vacuums. This one is great, since the wand is telescoping - one size for Elsie and one size for Mommy!
The Dyson is much heavier, but she is getting the hang of it!

Elsie can now use the big girl swings at the park. Lately, though, her preference is to swing on her belly.

Duncan is 20 weeks old

Two Wednesdays ago, Duncan turned 20 weeks old. During this week, we went in for Duncan's 4-month checkup. He now weighs 17lb, 9oz and is 26.25in long. His head circumference measures 42.9cm.

With the 4-month mark, we started rice cereal! He was not very interested in this new substance. Instead he opted for some of Mommy's milk.

We also started letting Duncan "comfort himself" at bed time. This means, we let him cry himself to sleep. About half the time, he still falls asleep while nursing, so the process is being a bit drawn out. So far, the worst was a one hour crying fit in the middle of the night. Fortunately, Elsie did not wake up!
When he is awake during the day, he is a lot of fun. He is a pretty content baby. He doesn't get a whole lot of one-on-one time with Mommy and Daddy, since Elsie always wants to play, too. So, we try to maximize our time with Duncan during Elsie's nap time on the weekends!
Duncan had a lot of great pictures from this week at school. Here he is exploring the blocks containing pictures of the students' bodies to correspond with the Karen Katz books they are reading this month.
Time outside!
Duncan's first painting! He had blue spots in his hair when he came home that day!
Duncan has started sitting at the big table with the older students. He is propped up and held snug with a blanket.
So many Duncans!

Duncan turned 19 weeks old

Duncan turned 19 weeks old...3 Wednesdays ago! To add to the constant drooling, Duncan likes chewing on his fingers and thumbs now!

We've tried out the swing again, and he seems to like it much better. He likes staring at the mounted toy trying to make it move!
Elsie likes pushing Duncan and pushing the buttons to make music (and in the process, pushing our buttons!).
Not too hard Elsie!
Duncan has started talking. I was able to catch some of it in the video. But, as soon as the camera comes out, Duncan forgets about whatever trick he was just demonstrating!

Duncan is doing well at school. They started studying clay for a project this month. Even little Duncan gets to participate! The teachers said he was so excited to get his hands in the clay. We got to play with some clay, as well, during curriculum night - that stuff is messy!
Duncan is up to 1-2 bottles of formula at school each day. He seems to like it just fine. Expect pictures of a chubbier Duncan coming soon!