Sunday, October 2, 2011

Duncan is 21 weeks old

Last Wednesday, Duncan turned 21 weeks old.

He was unhappy sitting upright for these photos, so he moved into his "How you doin?" pose!
Duncan has all new tricks this week! He is really grabbing onto his toys (and my hair, face, and neck). He can push the button on the fish to make him sing. And he can bring rattles to his face - not quite all the way to his mouth yet.
His torso has gotten much stronger, and he can now stay upright in the exersaucer without slumping. He is pretty obsessed with this clear spinning ball with beads in it.
Daddy, Duncan, and Elsie enjoyed watching the Bears game last weekend with a Bears snack, goldfish. Duncan already has the belly of a linebacker!
Duncan is getting more into his food. He can eat about 5 small spoonfuls before calling it quits.

Duncan really does not like being on the boppy (or on his tummy at all) at home. It must be the gigantic mirror that keeps him interested at school!
A new younger infant, Avery, arrived at Elmhurst Academy. Duncan now has another stationary playmate!
So excited to be at the big table!
Duncan can be so serious sometimes! Here he is concentrating on the dirt, scraping his fingers through it, and trying to create mud with his drool!

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