Sunday, October 2, 2011

Duncan turned 19 weeks old

Duncan turned 19 weeks old...3 Wednesdays ago! To add to the constant drooling, Duncan likes chewing on his fingers and thumbs now!

We've tried out the swing again, and he seems to like it much better. He likes staring at the mounted toy trying to make it move!
Elsie likes pushing Duncan and pushing the buttons to make music (and in the process, pushing our buttons!).
Not too hard Elsie!
Duncan has started talking. I was able to catch some of it in the video. But, as soon as the camera comes out, Duncan forgets about whatever trick he was just demonstrating!

Duncan is doing well at school. They started studying clay for a project this month. Even little Duncan gets to participate! The teachers said he was so excited to get his hands in the clay. We got to play with some clay, as well, during curriculum night - that stuff is messy!
Duncan is up to 1-2 bottles of formula at school each day. He seems to like it just fine. Expect pictures of a chubbier Duncan coming soon!

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