Sunday, October 2, 2011

Independent Elsie

Elsie has become extremely independent these days. She has been potty training since July, and can make it through some days without an accident. For all of the other days, I have purchased a lot of pants for Fall!
Elsie can completely dress and undress herself...and sometimes before you know it, she is sitting naked in the living room playing! [I think this one will be a good one to show during her rehearsal dinner one day!]
Elsie is a big helper around the house. She likes to use the dust buster she gave me for my birthday, but she also likes to help with the other vacuums. This one is great, since the wand is telescoping - one size for Elsie and one size for Mommy!
The Dyson is much heavier, but she is getting the hang of it!

Elsie can now use the big girl swings at the park. Lately, though, her preference is to swing on her belly.

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