Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Preparations

We only had 19 days to prepare for Christmas this year!  We kicked it off with some gingerbread house building.  The kit was from last year - the best part about it was that the house was pre-built, the worst part was that the candy was so old it was too hard for the kids to nibble on!

Elsie and Duncan each decorated their own side of the house.  They did a great job putting all of the candy onto the frosting!

So, this is more winter prep than Christmas prep.  Duncan wanted to take Nordy outside one day, and I told him that Nordy couldn't go outside because he didn't have snow pants.  So, the next day, he asked me to make Nordy some snow pants.  Nordy is a blob with only a head, no legs, and no arms - so those snow "pants" were pretty easy to make out of construction paper.  Pinky Bear's pants were a bit tougher!

We purchased our pre-cut tree in Elmhurst, strung the lights, and then 5 days before Christmas we added the ornaments.  I am hoping this means more of the breakable ornaments make it through to next year!

It was a little past bedtime when we finished, and you can tell Isaac was pretty tired.

Of course we made heavily-sprinkled Christmas cookies!

And we got to talk with Santa and Mrs. Claus at the ENNC breakfast.  None of the kids could think of anything they wanted from Santa this year.  But, at least they took a cute picture!!  We had a wonderful time again this year!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Isaac is 19 weeks old

On Monday, Isaac turned 19 weeks old.

Chillin in the "circle of neglect."  At least he was right next to us at the table!

He really likes this one toy - it has a wheel on the front that spins.  He likes it so much, he decided to spit up on it!

We have been working on sitting.  He is getting pretty good, and the kids sure have a lot of fun watching him topple over when I let go!

We pulled out some more toys recently - he really likes the glow worm.  Isaac's eyes get real big every time we squeeze the button to make its face light up and play the music.

Big milestone this week - FOOD!  Isaac has been enjoying his rice cereal at dinner time.  By the third day, he was liking it more - likely because we remembered to add formula to the mix instead of just water.


Isaac is 18 weeks old

Two Mondays ago, Isaac turned 18 weeks old.  At his 4-month appointment, Isaac weighed 18lb 3oz (90th percentile), measured 27 in long (100th percentile) and had a head circumference of 43.2cm (87th percentile).

Elsie wanted to get into the picture this time.  Isaac and Elsie are really great together.  Isaac just loves Elsie so much.  She plays with him when Mommy is busy, reads him stories, passes him rattles, smiles, and laughs with him!

Issac is doing well in the exersaucer.  It keeps him up off the floor when the big kids are running around crazy!

Issac's big milestone this week was falling to sleep by himself.  We started putting him to bed without jiggling him to sleep in advance.  He has no problem falling to sleep (maybe 2 minutes of whimpering) and staying asleep for most of the nights.  He has made the transition really well, and is even falling asleep for naps all by himself.  I am so proud of him!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Isaac is 17 weeks old

Two Mondays ago, Isaac turned 17 weeks old.  He had a lot of fun hanging out with Aunt Kate and Uncle Pete (and his future cousin in Aunt Kate's belly!).

Isaac took his second flight!  In this picture, you see tiny scabs all over his face.  Isaac has now moved from talking all the time to trying to grab things all the time...often this means his own face.  Poor guy!

We were all happy for Daddy to be flying with us this time!!  Goodbye Pennsylvania and hello Illinois!

More PA fun!


Elsie and Duncan found this old radio that played music spontaneously.  We would turn it in and mess with it...and no music.  Then we would be in another room and all of a sudden, the music would turn on!  Elsie decided to have a little dance party!

The weather was pretty warm during most of our stay.  Elsie had a lot of fun on this tree swing, and Duncan thought he would try climbing a few trees.

We visited with Great Grandfather Bullard, where we got to see the model trains.

Proud great-grandfather!

Isaac is 16 weeks old

Three Mondays ago, Isaac turned 16 weeks old!

Isaac is a very happy baby!

Reaching for Mommy!

Isaac is getting a little better with the jumper.  He likes to watch the lights and look into the mirror.

Isaac's routine has been a bit off since we arrived in PA.  He wakes up 3-5 times each night, and his naps are not very predictable.  J-Ma set Isaac in his crib for a few minutes at bath time, and by the time she came back into his room, he had found his thumb and put himself to sleep!!  Papa Pete also did this at nap time a few times!  This is good encouragement for Mommy as we near the 4-month-put-yourself-to-sleep milestone!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

For Thanksgiving this year, we are spending 20 days at J-Ma and Papa Pete's house.  Jack is traveling the week before and the week after Thanksgiving, so we figured we would have a nice long visit!  Our first outing was to Sky Zone, a trampoline park!  The two blurs on either side of Papa Pete are Duncan and Elsie!

We spent some time outside, taking a hike in the woods, walking around the backyard, walking up and down the steps in the front of the house (Duncan), swinging on the tree swing (Elsie), and relaxing in the hammock.  We all got pretty sick, so we didn't go to as many places as we had planned.

Elsie has been having a lot of fun building with Lincoln Logs!

On Thanksgiving, we enjoyed spending time with Uncle Pete and Aunt Kate, and Aunt Becky, Big Eddie, and Little Eddie.

In fact, for the 3 days he was here, Elsie and Little Eddie were pretty inseparable.  They had a ton of fun playing in a fort in the living room!!

Isaac is 15 weeks old

Last Monday, Isaac turned 15 weeks old!

Isaac has been enjoying new people and new toys at J-Ma and Papa Pete's house!  They went out and found lots of fun toys at consignment sales!

Isaac is getting pretty good at reaching for things that he likes.  He is still working on how to grab them - its hard with a closed fist!

Isaac has been loving this new playmat!!  He can hang out in there for 30-45 minutes just talking to the toys or his reflection in the mirror.  He especially loves the ladybug at the top.

Listen to our talkative baby!

Uncle Pete and Aunt Kate brought over an activity jumper for Isaac to try out.  He loves standing, so I thought it would be a big hit.  But, I think he is just slightly too young.

Isaac tried some tummy time on J-Ma this week.

But like all of his tummy time, it ended in tears.  Poor guy!

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Isaac is 14 weeks old

Two Mondays ago, Isaac turned 14 weeks old.  Issac took his first plan ride this week, and got to take his weekly photo at J-Ma and Papa Pete's house!!


Isaac reached for a grabbed a rattle for the first time this week!

Shake it Isaac, shake it!

We also tried out the Bumbo.  At first, he was pretty excited to sit up and see the big kids put on a puppet show for him.

But I think he tired of the apparatus quickly!

I love this pictures, since it shows their personalities.  Elsie is totally responsive and hamming it up for the camera.  Duncan is unaware of the camera or my requests to please look at the camera, and is just continuing to play puppet show.  Isaac is completely enamored with what one of the big kids is doing!

At least Duncan was nice enough to "show" Isaac the puppets by rubbing them on Isaac's face!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Isaac is 13 weeks old

On Monday, Isaac turned 13 weeks old!

Elsie does a fantastic job playing with Isaac!  She tries lots of toys, talks with him, and sings to him to keep him happy.  And Elsie is sure to tell me if she thinks Isaac is doing something really fun or new so I can grab the camera!

Isaac and Elsie were having a great time with the turtle puppet!  Isaac is just talking away to the turtle!

Isaac got so excited waving his hands all around that eventually his hand found his mouth!

Lots of great conversation with the turtle!  It is really a lot of fun to hear Isaac's loud coos, gurgles, and laughs when I am working in the kitchen.