Saturday, November 30, 2013

Isaac is 14 weeks old

Two Mondays ago, Isaac turned 14 weeks old.  Issac took his first plan ride this week, and got to take his weekly photo at J-Ma and Papa Pete's house!!


Isaac reached for a grabbed a rattle for the first time this week!

Shake it Isaac, shake it!

We also tried out the Bumbo.  At first, he was pretty excited to sit up and see the big kids put on a puppet show for him.

But I think he tired of the apparatus quickly!

I love this pictures, since it shows their personalities.  Elsie is totally responsive and hamming it up for the camera.  Duncan is unaware of the camera or my requests to please look at the camera, and is just continuing to play puppet show.  Isaac is completely enamored with what one of the big kids is doing!

At least Duncan was nice enough to "show" Isaac the puppets by rubbing them on Isaac's face!

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