Monday, November 4, 2013

Sand castles, stuffed animals, and walks

We got out to the park last week in the colder weather.  It had rained the day before, so the sand was nice and wet.  And because it was cooler, we were the only ones there!  Perfect conditions for Elsie to finally make her first successful sand castle.  Duncan showed such restraint as Elsie carefully formed her 4 towers.  As soon as a I finished taking the picture, Duncan did what comes naturally - stomped all over Elsie's hard work!

Elsie was proud to show me her stuffed animal display after nap time one day!  Where's Elsie?!

On Wednesday mornings, we are all happy to do a lot of walking and biking.  Elsie rides her bike or scooter, Duncan rides his balance bike, and Isaac walks with me in the red stroller.  First we drop off Elsie at her Reading and Math class at The Depot, then we make our way to Music Together at Luscombe Music, then swing by the dry cleaners on the way to the Farmers Market, and then if we have time, we take a stroll on the Prairie Path before picking up Elsie from class.  I have to keep Duncan in the stroller during the Farmers Market trip (otherwise he touches EVERYTHING), but otherwise he is on his bike the whole way.  He has learned how to stop at the traffic lights and driveways, ride over the railroad tracks, push hard up hill, and coast down hills!  A great picture of my two boys on the Prairie Path!

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