Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Happy Halloween!

The kids were so excited to go out Trick or Treating when Halloween finally came!!

Elsie wanted to be Belle this year.  After a practice run on the hair, I think we go it pretty close to Belle's hair!  And Elsie was so excited to be able to wear some makeup!  Our beautiful Bellsie!

J-Ma made the beautiful Belle costume using leftover bridesmaid dress fabric from my wedding and some new special sparkly chiffon!   Elsie loved that the dress got so full when she spun around!

Duncan loves his "Leopardy" so much!  Big leopard petting little leopard!

Mommy's Little Monster!  Isaac missed trick or treating this year - he was napping!  Since it was pouring outside, it was a good thing that Isaac didn't go out!

But, we got Isaac dressed in his dragon costume for a cute picture!

The kids (and some of the candy) were soaked, but they dug right into the candy as soon as they got home!  Duncan's favorite candy this year:  lollipops, Reece's Peanut Butter Cups, and Reece's Pieces.  He liked the Reece's so much because the wrappers are orange!  In fact, when Duncan got to a house where he got to pick the candy, and there were no Reece's products, he just stared at the candy bowl.  He had no idea what to do!!

Elsie is not picky when it comes to candy.  She likes everything.  And she has a hard time making it last - she eats her candy so fast, and then wonders why it seems like Duncan gets to have more pieces!  Daddy tried to show her how to eat it slowly, but I think she likes Mommy's approach better!

I think Isaac is eyeing Duncan's lollipop!  Next year, Isaac!

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