Saturday, June 29, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday Elsie!

February 10, 2013

After a week of celebrations, it was finally Elsie's 4th birthday!  She was so excited to wear her fancy dress to church.

Time for a silly face!

And another!

After dinner, it was time for some cake!  We had actually been eating leftover cake all week, but Elsie was excited to finally eat the Rapunzel part of the cake.

And Duncan was even more crazy about cake than Elsie!  All week, he would just pick up his piece with his hands and start chowing down on it.

Happy birthday to Elsie!  Elsie made a birthday wish for the first time this year!  So cute!

We are laughing during the video because after a week, poor Rapunzel wasn't looking so great anymore.  In fact, once we cut into the cake, it really didn't look edible anymore.  Elsie was so sad!

So, we had leftover cupcakes instead!  Yum!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Elsie is Special Sapling

February 5, 2013

Elsie was Special Sapling again for her birthday week.  We all got to play outside for the first Saplings snow day!

The kids were given squirt bottles with colored water to color the snow.

Elsie, Lilly, and Sarah all shared their squirt bottle to turn the snow blue.

Big Elsie!

 Coloring the snow with Sarah.

So tough to squirt with such big mittens!

The girls took turns covering each other in snow.  First it was Lilly's turn.

And then Elsie's!

Snow fun with J-Ma and Papa Pete!

February 3, 2013

We finally got some significant snow, and the kids were excited to get outside and play!

Elsie jumped right in creating some snow angels,

rolling down the small hill in our front yard,

and throwing the snow up in the air.

Duncan wasn't quite sure what to do, but he was happy just hanging out.

J-Ma helped him up into the flower beds.

Duncan thought this was just so cool, since he is not normally allowed to play up here in the summer.

Squeeze through!

Papa Pete started burying out little Elsie.

At least he left her head free!

Uh oh Elsie!  Watch out for Papa Pete!

Duncan and Mommy smoothed out a place to go sledding with all of the snow piled up from the driveway.

Duncan just loved this game!!


Then Elsie had a few turns too.


Elsie's Princess 4th Birthday Party!

February 3, 2013

Elsie requested a princess party for her 4th birthday.  So, J-Ma and Mommy created a Rapunzel cake for the birthday girl.

Such a yummy Rapunzel!

Elsie invited a few friends to attend and wear their favorite princess dresses.  Ava, Mattie, Leah, Elsie, Kati Anne, and Evie were all so fancy in their princess outfits!

Elsie was super excited to get to dress up as Rapunzel once again!

We planned some fun activities for the princesses.  When they first arrived, they decorated cupcake boxes with their name and stickers.

Mattie was proud to show off her work!

Evie took a quick break from her project for a beautiful photo!

We then played "pin the Pasquale on the Rapunzel poster" game.  For most of the girls, this was the first time they had played, so the Pasquales were all over the wall!

Leah was clearly a pro, and knew how to sneak a peek out of the blindfold!

The game was so much fun to watch!

Go Mattie!

You can do it Ava!

John, who had previously dressed up in his knight costume, had fun aiming for the princesses first, before feeling his way to the perfect spot on the poster.

Duncan was allowed to try without the blindfold, since it was way too big for him.

But he still managed to get the window instead of the poster!

The princesses were then invited to decorate their own pink cupcakes!

Ava showed off her cupcake to Mother Gothel (as Elsie so named the party planner).

So pretty and pink!

Leah decorating her pink cupcake.

John and Duncan were given orange cupcakes to decorate instead of pink.  Duncan had fun placing each individual sprinkle on top of his cupcake.

Then the princesses figured out that some of the sprinkles were yummy!

And they all dug into the starch and sugar decorations.

After a quick round of freeze dance, each of the princesses were given necklaces to string with beads.

The necklaces were started with the princesses' names, and then they strung on additional beads.

It was tough work, but they took their time and did a great job.

The necklaces got longer and longer!

After the necklaces were complete, we moved on to a game of "Princess, Princess, Frog" (a fancier way of playing duck, duck, goose)!!

The girls were a bit tentative at first as they each figured out how to play.

They were very gentle with the tapping wand as they moved around the circle.

And then they started really running around and around the circle.

They didn't just go around one time - they kept going and going and going!  It was so funny!

Go Leah!

The princesses then settled back down at the table for a game of Bingo.

They had to match up the Hello Kitty characters under the BINGO letters.

It was a little tough, but the girls did a great job listening!

Admiring each other's fancy jewelry!

Princess hug!!

Time for a little musical chairs before lunch!  More running princesses!

After lunch, the princesses were so excited to have cake!

I just love Elsie's smile when everyone is singing Happy Birthday to her!

Princess cake is yummy, especially when covered in pink frosting and eaten with a pink fork.

Elsie then opened her fabulous princess presents!

Duncan was so interested in the feather boas.  He just loves soft, fuzzy things!

Duncan was so handsome in John's knight helmet.

Best friend hugs with Elsie and Ava.

Big Rapunzel smiles!