Thursday, June 27, 2013

January Fun

January, 2013

With the colder weather upon us, we turned to a few indoor activities this month.  Elsie did really well on the climbing wall at Pump It Up!

And Duncan found a new favorite toy at Westmont Yard!  You climb onto the car and then ride it down the ramp!  Wheee!

Elsie liked dressing fancy in her new winter jumpers from G-G-Ma!

Elsie also invented a new Play-Doh activity.  She made bacon and hot dogs out of the Play-Doh, put them on a plate, and then put them on the ground for Maizey, Grandma's dog, to enjoy!

The kids were thrilled when we finally got a dusting of snow on the ground!  Not really enough snow to do anything, but it was finally here!

We also got really lucky with some warm days!  We made it outside to the park in just a fleece in late January!  Duncan had fun on the big boy swings.

 And Elsie did a good job pumping her legs on the swing!

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