Thursday, June 27, 2013

Family Skate Day

December 27, 2012

It wouldn't be a winter visit with the Bullards if it didn't include some ice skating!  Papa Pete, Uncle Pete, and Aunt Kate joined us on the ice.

Elsie was so excited to get some help from her favorite Aunt and Uncle!

And she did really well skating on her own for a bit.  I think skating in figure skates was much easier than the hockey skates she used for her lessons.

For the first time, she tried skating fast, and that seemed to help her balance.  Go Elsie Go!

Duncan got to skate for the first time.  He seemed to enjoy it, but since Duncan has such serious facial expressions, its hard to know for sure.  I do know that bending over and holding him up did not feel so great on the back!

Go Duncan!

So, Papa Pete just scooped him up and skated around the rink with him!  So much more fun going fast!

Elsie was not happy when it was time to leave!

Duncan was ready to head right out the door in his skates!  Actually, I was really impressed with how well he walked in his skates!  Bye Duncan!

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