Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Halloween 2012 - Rapunzel and Basketball!

It took me 6 weeks to complete, and I was so proud of my first stay-at-home mom project!  Elsie dressed up as the Disney princess Rapunzel this year.

Elsie's long Rapunzel hair!

I love this picture!  I think this is what Rapunzel would look like in her First Holy Communion pictures!

Elsie was SO EXCITED to be Rapunzel!

Elsie got to wear her Rapunzel costume to her ballet class for their mini-recital!  Dance Rapunzel dance!

Elsie also got to wear her costume to school for her Saplings Halloween party.  And I got to come and help in the classroom for the party!  Here Elsie is decorating treat bags with her classmates.

Now it is time to feel the icky insides of the mystery box with Mr. Nick!  Eyeballs and guts!
Halloween story time with Mr. John!

Monster Mash freeze dance.  All of the other kids were dancing kinda crazy.  But Elsie stayed in character with her beautiful princess ballerina dancing!

Candy corn relay time!

I also made Duncan's costume this year - a big basketball!  Duncan's favorite continues to be basketball, so what could be more appropriate!?

Trick or treating with Daddy!  So excited!

Getting lots of candy in our baskets!

Yummy!  Time to eat the candy!

The squirrels had fun eating, too.  See this guy hiding up in our tree!?

Those squirrels actually moved the pumpkin off our front step, decapitated it, and then went crazy!

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