Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Elsie is Special Sapling!

November 5 & 7, 2012

It was Elsie's turn to be Special Sapling!  Elsie brought in photos of friends and family to share with the class, and I got to be in the classroom helping on both days!

On our nature hike, we looked for items in nature that matched the paint swatches.

Time to test our balance on the log!

Mr. John talked to the kids about the leaves that had fallen from the tree.

Lined up in single file to walk back to the building.

Elsie worked hard stacking her blocks!

Then it was time to make recycled paper!  We chopped up the little bits of old paper in the blender to make paper pulp.

Then we scooped out the paper pulp with a screen.

After removing the excess moisture with a sponge, we slipped the paper pulp onto a flat surface, and let dry.

Then we got to experience the inside of a pumpkin!!

On Elsie's second Special Sapling day, we got to draw on the recycled paper we made on Tuesday.

Elsie was proud to show off her drawing!

As Special Sapling, Elsie sat in the big red chair during story time.

After the story, Elsie showed off her puppy and passed it around to the class to see.

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