Sunday, September 29, 2013

Isaac is 6 weeks old

Isaac turned six weeks old on Monday!

Our big milestone this week:  smiling!!  Isaac loves to smile at Mommy, and Mommy just loves to smile back!  So, now when Isaac is pleasant, we all just sit around smiling at him to see if he'll smile back at us!

Isaac has also started cooing and talking with us!

Isaac can follow me or a rattle around with his eyes.  He'll move just his eyes as long as possible...and then finally move his head.

Isaac was sporting some Cornell gear this week.  Go Big Red!

We tried out resting Isaac on the Boppy pillow for the first time this week.  He was not a fan!  And I don't think he was happy that I chose to go get the camera instead of scooping him up!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Isaac is 5 weeks old

Isaac turned 5 weeks old on Monday.  He had his 1-month checkup on September 12, and Isaac is a very "healthy" baby.  He weighs 13lb (100th percentile), measures 22.5 inches long (88th percentile) and his head circumference is 39.5 cm (97th percentile).  On paper, it looks like Isaac is the same height as at birth, but I just don't think this nurse pulled his leg nearly as hard as the delivery nurse when he was first born!

Isaac has been more awake this week, and his awake times are more pleasant than the previous week.  You can tell that he can really see the people around him now, as he tries to follow me with his eyes when I am close to him.

He moves his arms and legs around much more now - sometimes even kicking the ball or hitting a fish!  He seems to like getting kisses and rubs from Mommy and the family!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Isaac is 4 weeks old

Isaac turned 4 weeks old on Monday.  The most important development this week:  Isaac had his first cold.  In fact, it was our first 5-person family cold!  Fortunately, it was just a small one, and there were no major sleeping issues.

Isaac has started noticing the bright light from outside.  He is looking towards his bedroom window in this picture.

Isaac started off the week still sleeping well and pretty much anywhere, like in his bouncy chair.

By the end of the week, he was finally staying awake longer, playing on the floor with the big kids for about 10 minutes, before wanting to be held for the next hour while fussing.  It takes a bit more jiggling to get Isaac to fall asleep these days, too.

Duncan and Elsie struggle to get prime position next to Isaac, climbing over him whenever he moves his head to the other side.  Duncan just keeps moving closer and closer to Isaac's face until their noses are touching!  "Duncan see him."  Elsie tries to explain that Isaac can't see Duncan when he is so close, but it just ultimately ends with three heads in a very small space!  No wonder Isaac already caught his first cold.

Isaac has done well on some long walks, a few trips to the shady parks, and even an outing to the circus!  So far he is nursing well in public, which allows Mommy and the big kids to get outside for some exercise and fun!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Elsie's and Duncan's first week of school!!

Elsie and Duncan both start school this week at their new school, Bethel Learning Center.  They are both so excited to be sporting their new backpacks with their names on them!  They even have matching lunch bags, since they will bring lunch to school and eat with their friends right before heading home for the day.

Elsie starts a Tuesday / Thursday morning 4-year old preschool class.  She'll also be attending a Reading and Math Adventures class on Wednesday mornings through our park district.

Duncan will be going to Bethel on Thursday mornings for a 2-year old preschool class.

Duncan's hands were up in his face when I was trying to take his picture.  So when Daddy told him to put his hands down, Duncan struck this pose!  So cute!

Happy Birthday Mommy!

I had a wonderful birthday celebration this weekend!!  Elsie and Daddy baked a delicious Texas Sheet Cake for me, something I have been craving for a while!  We went on a nice long walk in the cooler weather, received our new couches for our living room, moved the old couches and a bunch of toys to the basement, had delicious peppercorn steaks for dinner, and spent some time just hanging out and relaxing together!!  SO grateful for my wonderful family!!

Isaac is three weeks old!

Isaac turned 3 weeks old yesterday.  He is eating lots and getting bigger - just look at those cheeks!

We have been doing more tummy time this week.  It can be hard to squeeze in between his many long naps and feedings!

Isaac does really well for the first five minutes or so.  He just lays there resting, looking at me peacefully, cooing a bit.

Then once he realizes that he is on his tummy, he starts doing the head bob on the blanket trying to figure out how to hold his head up.

When Isaac is awake, he is still the main attraction for both Elsie and Duncan.  They will try to hold his hand.

Or they will rub his tummy lightly.

Duncan starts off by lying down next to him, and then starts getting closer and closer until he is poking him in the face with his finger, at which point I need to intervene.

 "Baby Isaac awake now."

We had a wonderful visit with our friends from California, the Melins, and their new baby, Zach (9 weeks).

Zach and Isaac look to be similar in size, but Zach is much more alert.  He was just smiling and laughing at Isaac, while Isaac just laid there, trying to wake up completely from his nap!  It is fun to be able to compare the different ages side by side!!