Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Isaac is three weeks old!

Isaac turned 3 weeks old yesterday.  He is eating lots and getting bigger - just look at those cheeks!

We have been doing more tummy time this week.  It can be hard to squeeze in between his many long naps and feedings!

Isaac does really well for the first five minutes or so.  He just lays there resting, looking at me peacefully, cooing a bit.

Then once he realizes that he is on his tummy, he starts doing the head bob on the blanket trying to figure out how to hold his head up.

When Isaac is awake, he is still the main attraction for both Elsie and Duncan.  They will try to hold his hand.

Or they will rub his tummy lightly.

Duncan starts off by lying down next to him, and then starts getting closer and closer until he is poking him in the face with his finger, at which point I need to intervene.

 "Baby Isaac awake now."

We had a wonderful visit with our friends from California, the Melins, and their new baby, Zach (9 weeks).

Zach and Isaac look to be similar in size, but Zach is much more alert.  He was just smiling and laughing at Isaac, while Isaac just laid there, trying to wake up completely from his nap!  It is fun to be able to compare the different ages side by side!!

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