Saturday, September 14, 2013

Isaac is 4 weeks old

Isaac turned 4 weeks old on Monday.  The most important development this week:  Isaac had his first cold.  In fact, it was our first 5-person family cold!  Fortunately, it was just a small one, and there were no major sleeping issues.

Isaac has started noticing the bright light from outside.  He is looking towards his bedroom window in this picture.

Isaac started off the week still sleeping well and pretty much anywhere, like in his bouncy chair.

By the end of the week, he was finally staying awake longer, playing on the floor with the big kids for about 10 minutes, before wanting to be held for the next hour while fussing.  It takes a bit more jiggling to get Isaac to fall asleep these days, too.

Duncan and Elsie struggle to get prime position next to Isaac, climbing over him whenever he moves his head to the other side.  Duncan just keeps moving closer and closer to Isaac's face until their noses are touching!  "Duncan see him."  Elsie tries to explain that Isaac can't see Duncan when he is so close, but it just ultimately ends with three heads in a very small space!  No wonder Isaac already caught his first cold.

Isaac has done well on some long walks, a few trips to the shady parks, and even an outing to the circus!  So far he is nursing well in public, which allows Mommy and the big kids to get outside for some exercise and fun!

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