Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Elsie's and Duncan's first week of school!!

Elsie and Duncan both start school this week at their new school, Bethel Learning Center.  They are both so excited to be sporting their new backpacks with their names on them!  They even have matching lunch bags, since they will bring lunch to school and eat with their friends right before heading home for the day.

Elsie starts a Tuesday / Thursday morning 4-year old preschool class.  She'll also be attending a Reading and Math Adventures class on Wednesday mornings through our park district.

Duncan will be going to Bethel on Thursday mornings for a 2-year old preschool class.

Duncan's hands were up in his face when I was trying to take his picture.  So when Daddy told him to put his hands down, Duncan struck this pose!  So cute!

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  1. duncan looks like he's putting his guns back in the holster....or perhaps drawing them in resistance to going to school!