Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Zoo day

September 8, 2012

On the carousel at the Brookfield Zoo!

September at home

September, 2012

As promised, I took a bunch of pictures just hanging out at home in September with my fancy new camera!  Bubbles have become a favorite activity again.  Duncan likes to chase the bubbles, and since Elsie wants to do the same things that Duncan does, she likes bubbles again, too.

Duncan playing baseball with Bob.

Elsie getting soaked at the water table with Sandy and Anya.

Duncan jumping on the chair again.
Good job Duncan.

I think he is just waiting for Dad to walk away, so he can spring back up onto his feet and jump on the chair some more.

Sometimes it can be hard taking pictures of the kids, since they move too much.  But, the cats are pretty still in comparison.  Betty knows I walk around the kitchen getting everything organized after the kids go to bed. So, now she waits on the bar stools for pets as soon as I walk down the stairs.

Floppy Lazarus.

Reading time.

Daddy's home! Time for some real silliness!

Let's balance a plate and cup on Elsie's head.

Can she do it?

Nope.  Nice try Elsie and Daddy.

Duncan was thirsty for some coffee.

Now its Daddy's turn!

Necklace sunglasses, of course.

Beautiful Elsie.

Duncan is sad because the microwave is locked, and he can't figure out how to turn it on!

Duncan just got a sticker!

He looks thrilled, doesn't he?

Don't laugh , Elsie!

Duncan really likes to read, and can often be found paging through a book by himself.

Another silly Elsie pose.

Duncan enjoyed some leftover birthday cake, and then went to town on the watermelon!  Yummy treats!

So cute!

Time for more bubbles!

Elsie has gotten really good at blowing bubbles by herself.  She still struggles with holding the bubble container, and often spills most of the liquid.  So, we switched to tiny containers!

Duncan trying to climb over the fence to get to Anya's house.

Success!  More balls!

Stomping in some puddles after a rainy night.


Duncan on top!

Up, up, up the slide!

Elsie's favorite pose!

Duncan coming down from the top of the castle.

Hi mom!

Elsie decided to do lots of "cool cool tricks" for me.

Jumping up and down!

More reading!

Yummy snack outside now that it is getting a bit cooler.

My beautiful gerbera daisies!

Since I was home much more this summer, I was able to spend more time (trying to) garden.  While these are my favorite flower, they need more sun than I can provide, and only bloomed a few times.

Starting to get chilly out here now that it is Fall!

Family Chicago Bears day!

Mommy's 35th Birthday

September 1, 2012

Happy 35th birthday to me!

Elsie was very excited to help me open my presents!  Jack and the kids got me a real big-girl camera!  Watch out world!  I have no idea what I am doing, but here comes a whole lot more pictures of my kids!

My adorable blue-eyed Duncan!

Duncan was happy to show off some of his favorite things for the camera.  Basketball hoop!

Squeeze the ball tight Duncan!

Time to hop on the zebra for a ride!

Elsie really wanted to show off her dance moves!

Elsie's crazy dance!


Oops.  Too much headbanging.  Time for an ice pack.