Friday, March 9, 2012

Bath time!

Bath time is all splashing and playing now for Duncan and Elsie! They have a lot of fun in the bath together! And we all walk away very wet!

Duncan is 44 weeks old!

This past Wednesday (I am all caught up!!), Duncan turned 44 weeks old! At times, he can keep himself occupied, especially when he is over at the red table or at the pay kitchen! The following 3 pictures are taken within 30 seconds. In those 30 seconds, Duncan plays with a rattle,...
...plays with the phone,...
...and gives Sophie, the giraffe, a squeak! All while Elsie is focused on her coloring book!
Duncan was able to get outside a lot this week, since it was unseasonably warm. You can't tell from his attire, but is was in the 60s!
Duncan just chillin in one of the cars!
And then climbing on the playground equipment! He and Elsie play in the same area when they are outside, so they will get to see each other more as the weather turns warmer!
Painting with glitter paint! This is the face Duncan makes now when he is really excited. It is often accompanied by some "Ah! Ah! Ah!" sounds and moving himself up and down or moving his head front and back quickly!
They had a pajama day this week! The kids gave bathed some small baby dolls and brushed some teeth!

Elsie's first exploration of "make-up"

At school one day, Elsie started using the markers as make-up and decorated her entire face! Jack took this picture after they got home and after the teachers had already scrubbed at it a couple times! Unfortunately I was travelling, so I didn't get to see it in person. I am sure it won't be the last time...

Duncan is 43 weeks old!

Two Wednesdays ago, Duncan turned 43 weeks old! Duncan is now very proficient with the walker. It normally cheers him right up if he is in a fussy mood.
Here goes Duncan down the hallway!
At school, they got to play with bubble wrap. I picked up the kids from school this day, and Elsie joined me in Duncan's room. She immediately started jumping on the bubble wrap. The other kids were amazed by all of the noise she was making!
Outside playing the bongo!
The class created their own book including pictures of them sleeping. Duncan was in serious study again!

Duncan is 42 weeks old!

Three Wednesdays ago, Duncan turned 42 weeks old. He spent the week with a fever while finally cutting his first teeth. The poor guy was so miserable and slept poorly. In fact, Grandma came up for a day to help watch Duncan for the day so I could go to work! At the end of the week, his two front bottom teeth had popped through!
At the end of his 42nd week, he was back to normal with a renewed interest in exploring the house! He is fully mobile, crawling over to an area of interest and pulling himself up!
He likes hanging out at the kitchen. There are doors that open and lots of stuff inside to pull out!
And he can touch this faucet as long as he wants! Look at him on his tippy toes!

Duncan is 41 weeks old!

Four Wednesdays ago, Duncan turned 41 weeks old!
Duncan is getting pretty good on his bike! He just needs a little push from Mom or Dad to keep up with Elsie running down the hallway! Zoom zoom!
Its time to explore yellow at school! Duncan has gotten good at handing you an item. We play with the ball a lot at home. Here, he is handing his teacher the yellow paddle.
Duncan is very serious when exploring. He likes to study the object and is often the last one still engaged in the activity. All of the other kids will have moved on, and Duncan is still in serious study!
D is for Duncan!
Duncan got to experience a glue stick for the first time!
We were told that he wasn't very excited about the art project, but that he was very interested in this new glue stick. He sat there for a while, just touching all of the different parts of the glue stick, especially the stick part.

Happy 3rd Birthday Elsie!

On February 10, Elsie turned 3. It was a Friday, so we went to the store and got a princess birthday balloon, and then played all day! Elsie was very excited to show off her arabesque.
Another arabesque! Such good balance!
Watch Elsie Ballerina in action!
Time for cake! We still had the whole Cinderella cake in one piece, so she performed for a second rendition of "Happy Birthday!"
After cake, it was time for presents, of course!
Elsie was so excited about her new ballet shoes!
Elsie received more super cure outfits from G-G-Ma, and, of course they had to be tried on immediately! Elsie also got her very own camera!
Another G-G-Ma outfit!
Even the next day, she was still excited about her new presents!

At Elsie's 3 year checkup, she weighed 34.6lbs (83rd percentile) and measured 37.5in tall (55th percentile)! And the best part? No shots this year!

Elsie's 3rd Birthday - Dance Party!

For Elsie's 3rd birthday, we celebrated with her friends and cousins at a Dance Party at the Elmhurst Park District.
Elsie selected the coordinating pink and purple tableware.
Elsie asked for a Cinderella Ballerina cake. And since she had 17 kids attending her party, we added a pink and purple sheet cake!
Here is a close-up of our beautiful custom-made Cinderella.
Happy Elsie on her Happy Birthday!
Elsie's friends all gathered to sing "Happy Birthday."
After a few tries, Elsie blew out her candles all by herself!
Then it was time for the dance party!
Elsie with Antonio, Ava, Nicole, and Leah.
Elsie was so happy that Leah was there to celebrate with her!
The dancing got a little crazy, so the parents joined in.
Elsie with Leah and Aunt Kris.
Once the party was over, we came back home to open some presents!
Elsie received a Cinderella dress, so Elsie and Leah got all dressed up like Cinderella. They were so excited to be princesses!

Duncan turned 40 weeks old!

Five Wednesdays ago, Duncan turned 40 weeks old. Duncan is 9 months old! At his 9-month checkup, he weighed 21lb, 5oz (67th percentile). He measured 29in long (70th percentile), and his head circumference was 46.5cm (80th percentile).
He has been going strong on baby food for the last month or so. He tries his best to grab that spoon right out of my hand! And when he is in short sleeves, why not let him have a little fun?!
One of Duncan's favorite foods is broccoli! He really like salmon, too!
We are so lucky to have such a good eater!
Duncan is now using the furniture as walkers. He really likes the brightly-colored knob on these drawers!
He likes exploring small things with his finger tips. Even with eating, Duncan started right off with the pincer grip.