Friday, March 9, 2012

Elsie's 3rd Birthday - Dance Party!

For Elsie's 3rd birthday, we celebrated with her friends and cousins at a Dance Party at the Elmhurst Park District.
Elsie selected the coordinating pink and purple tableware.
Elsie asked for a Cinderella Ballerina cake. And since she had 17 kids attending her party, we added a pink and purple sheet cake!
Here is a close-up of our beautiful custom-made Cinderella.
Happy Elsie on her Happy Birthday!
Elsie's friends all gathered to sing "Happy Birthday."
After a few tries, Elsie blew out her candles all by herself!
Then it was time for the dance party!
Elsie with Antonio, Ava, Nicole, and Leah.
Elsie was so happy that Leah was there to celebrate with her!
The dancing got a little crazy, so the parents joined in.
Elsie with Leah and Aunt Kris.
Once the party was over, we came back home to open some presents!
Elsie received a Cinderella dress, so Elsie and Leah got all dressed up like Cinderella. They were so excited to be princesses!

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