Friday, March 9, 2012

Duncan is 44 weeks old!

This past Wednesday (I am all caught up!!), Duncan turned 44 weeks old! At times, he can keep himself occupied, especially when he is over at the red table or at the pay kitchen! The following 3 pictures are taken within 30 seconds. In those 30 seconds, Duncan plays with a rattle,...
...plays with the phone,...
...and gives Sophie, the giraffe, a squeak! All while Elsie is focused on her coloring book!
Duncan was able to get outside a lot this week, since it was unseasonably warm. You can't tell from his attire, but is was in the 60s!
Duncan just chillin in one of the cars!
And then climbing on the playground equipment! He and Elsie play in the same area when they are outside, so they will get to see each other more as the weather turns warmer!
Painting with glitter paint! This is the face Duncan makes now when he is really excited. It is often accompanied by some "Ah! Ah! Ah!" sounds and moving himself up and down or moving his head front and back quickly!
They had a pajama day this week! The kids gave bathed some small baby dolls and brushed some teeth!

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