Friday, March 9, 2012

Duncan turned 38 weeks old!

Seven Wednesdays ago, Duncan turned 38 weeks old!

He's a mover! Its hard to keep him still - he wants to explore everything!
Even if it means climbing right over the edge of the chair!
Duncan can stand up all by himself, as long as he is holding onto something for support. The cabinet handles are great fun!
I'm a big boy!
He likes to stand up at this table, since the remote often sits here!
Duncan has started crawling! Here he is crawling into our tunnel. He is not a huge fan of crawling yet, but he is capable!
More blue paint at school! This time on bumpy cardboard.
And with his feet!
They also played with some white paint, learning about the tracks the truck wheels leave on the paper.
Crawling at school!!
Crawling across the artwork!

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