Friday, March 9, 2012

Duncan is 41 weeks old!

Four Wednesdays ago, Duncan turned 41 weeks old!
Duncan is getting pretty good on his bike! He just needs a little push from Mom or Dad to keep up with Elsie running down the hallway! Zoom zoom!
Its time to explore yellow at school! Duncan has gotten good at handing you an item. We play with the ball a lot at home. Here, he is handing his teacher the yellow paddle.
Duncan is very serious when exploring. He likes to study the object and is often the last one still engaged in the activity. All of the other kids will have moved on, and Duncan is still in serious study!
D is for Duncan!
Duncan got to experience a glue stick for the first time!
We were told that he wasn't very excited about the art project, but that he was very interested in this new glue stick. He sat there for a while, just touching all of the different parts of the glue stick, especially the stick part.

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