Friday, March 9, 2012

Duncan is 39 weeks old!

Six Wednesdays ago, Duncan turned 39 weeks old!
Such a smiley guy!
Duncan and Elsie together for picture time!
Now that Duncan is crawling, he is free to explore what he wants. Doors!
Ow! Duncan is learning cause and effect!
Crawling in the kitchen!
Time to hang on to the cabinets!
Check out this video! Duncan has found his tongue!
The celebrated the Chinese New Year at school! They played with red and gold items all day!
Duncan is all smiles playing with clay.
Splish splash in the water!
The kids had an opportunity to play on a slide one day. We have been going down the slide at the park, so Duncan was very excited to try it at school!
Duncan is lounging with the two youngest students in his classroom, Jimmy and Charlie.

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