Friday, March 9, 2012

Christmas lights at Brookfield Zoo

On New Years Eve, we all went to the Brookfield Zoo to see their Christmas lights display.
This was Duncan's first ride in the umbrella stroller!
We saw a couple reindeer in the Children's Zoo.
And then we looped around to the Big Cats. Because it was a cold evening, the big cats were so excited to put on a great display for the visitors!
The snow leopard was out walking around.
Elsie was so excited to see her favorite tiger!
He was out walking around on the rocks.
The lion was the most amazing. He did a few laps around for us, and then he settled down on a rock. We started to walk away, and heard a loud "roar." We watched the lion barely open his mouth a few times, almost like he was just talking, and the roar was so loud!
Elsie wasn't really a fan of the loud noise, but the rest of us thought it was amazing!
Pete and Kate snuggled up to stay warm!
Elsie and Duncan took a ride on the carousel.
And then Duncan took a ride on Mommy's shoulders! He did such a great job at the zoo on a cold evening!

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