Friday, March 9, 2012

Duncan is 37 weeks old

Eight Wednesdays ago, Duncan turned 37 weeks old. He has been enjoying his zebra bike. It converts to walker, scooter, or bike, so it is great for Elsie and Duncan to share! Duncan likes to play with the buttons and lights while being pushed through the house.
Duncan loves walking around the house with our help. This time, Elsie helped him walk into the office.
They are both so proud of their new skills!
Duncan really likes doors. I think he may have learned this one by watching Elsie open and close the doors all of the time.
He likes to open and close the doors. He doesn't like it when they hit him in the face.
Duncan knows what he wants! You may try to steer him in a certain direction, but if he wants to go somewhere else, he will. In this video, he really wants his coat!

Walking on the balance beam at school.
Outside at school! We have been so happy with our mild winter! It gives us all a chance to get outside!
More blue paint! They were studying the color blue during this month.
More blue exploring!

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