Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Christmas Preparations at the Bullards

December 22-24, 2012

Once we arrived at J-Ma and Papa Pete's house, we had lots of prep work.  First:  The Gingerbread houses!

We made these tiny little houses - perfect for tiny little hands!

Then we had to finish the cookies!  Elsie had lots of fun adding all of the decorations to the cookies!

The next day, the kids went outside with Daddy to work up soak in the sunshine and work up an appetite for Christmas Eve Eve dinner!
You can do it Duncan!  Up the hill!

We had some traditional Bullard pasta, sausages and meatballs for Christmas Eve Eve dinner.  We even got to sit in the dining room, since there are so many of us now!

We were back at work the next day - now making the pumpkin pies!  I am not sure why - since everyone uses exactly the same recipe - but J-Ma makes the absolute best pumpkin pies!

Duncan was a big help with the vacuuming!

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