Thursday, June 27, 2013

Merry Christmas!

December 25, 2012

Overnight, Santa came and dropped off many presents for the family.

Both Santa and the reindeer enjoyed the yummy treats we left for them by the fireplace.

Christmas morning photo on the steps just waiting to run down and see what is under the tree!

Phippses in their (mostly) matching jammies!

Elsie really knew what was going on this year.  We came downstairs and she sprinted towards the tree looking for gifts for Elsie!

The kids got to open their gifts from Santa first.

A new shape sorter for Duncan.

And some new items for Baby Riley for Elsie.

Riley and Elsie even got matching dresses from Santa!

And they had to be tried on immediately!!

J-Ma and Papa Pete gave Elsie and Duncan their first hockey sticks!

Here are the little hockey players in action:

Mommy on Christmas morning!

Duncan was all smiles!

He had a lot of fun playing with his new toys!

These were Duncan's first matchbox cars.  He's playing nicely with them in this picture, but soon after they came home, he decided they were even more fun to throw at people!

Elsie was thrilled to have her own earrings!!!

And was very focused on changing Riley's clothes.

So comfy with Uncle Pete!

The whole Bullard family all dressed up for the big Christmas party!

Elsie with G-G-Ma and Papa!  All smiles!

J-Ma and Papa Pete gave Duncan a really fun blow-up ball house for Christmas.  Both of the kids loved playing with it.

 And they more they played in it, the more static electricity was generated!!!  Too funny!

Happy clapping with Uncle Pete!

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