Thursday, November 7, 2013

Twas the month of Halloween!

Halloween seems to start at the beginning of October now with all of the amazing festivities!  We had Elmhurst Fall Fest with Trick or Treating at Safety Town.  Then the kids had a Halloween party at school, where they got to dress up, play games, and march in a costume parade.  Duncan Leopard was thrilled to hang out with a tiger at the party!  They were both on their hands and knees crawling around the floor,  roaring and growling!  And Bellesie had a great time twirling around in her dress in the dance party corner!

Then we trick or treated in downtown Elmhurst, where we met up with Elsie's friend, Strawberry Shortcake Evie.

Elsie's Reading and Math class celebrated Halloween in their costumes, too.

And Elsie's preschool class had a fun celebration, where they recited a few Halloween and Fall poems for us.  Here is Elsie's favorite:

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