Monday, December 2, 2013

Isaac is 15 weeks old

Last Monday, Isaac turned 15 weeks old!

Isaac has been enjoying new people and new toys at J-Ma and Papa Pete's house!  They went out and found lots of fun toys at consignment sales!

Isaac is getting pretty good at reaching for things that he likes.  He is still working on how to grab them - its hard with a closed fist!

Isaac has been loving this new playmat!!  He can hang out in there for 30-45 minutes just talking to the toys or his reflection in the mirror.  He especially loves the ladybug at the top.

Listen to our talkative baby!

Uncle Pete and Aunt Kate brought over an activity jumper for Isaac to try out.  He loves standing, so I thought it would be a big hit.  But, I think he is just slightly too young.

Isaac tried some tummy time on J-Ma this week.

But like all of his tummy time, it ended in tears.  Poor guy!

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