Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Isaac is 19 weeks old

On Monday, Isaac turned 19 weeks old.

Chillin in the "circle of neglect."  At least he was right next to us at the table!

He really likes this one toy - it has a wheel on the front that spins.  He likes it so much, he decided to spit up on it!

We have been working on sitting.  He is getting pretty good, and the kids sure have a lot of fun watching him topple over when I let go!

We pulled out some more toys recently - he really likes the glow worm.  Isaac's eyes get real big every time we squeeze the button to make its face light up and play the music.

Big milestone this week - FOOD!  Isaac has been enjoying his rice cereal at dinner time.  By the third day, he was liking it more - likely because we remembered to add formula to the mix instead of just water.


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