Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Preparations

We only had 19 days to prepare for Christmas this year!  We kicked it off with some gingerbread house building.  The kit was from last year - the best part about it was that the house was pre-built, the worst part was that the candy was so old it was too hard for the kids to nibble on!

Elsie and Duncan each decorated their own side of the house.  They did a great job putting all of the candy onto the frosting!

So, this is more winter prep than Christmas prep.  Duncan wanted to take Nordy outside one day, and I told him that Nordy couldn't go outside because he didn't have snow pants.  So, the next day, he asked me to make Nordy some snow pants.  Nordy is a blob with only a head, no legs, and no arms - so those snow "pants" were pretty easy to make out of construction paper.  Pinky Bear's pants were a bit tougher!

We purchased our pre-cut tree in Elmhurst, strung the lights, and then 5 days before Christmas we added the ornaments.  I am hoping this means more of the breakable ornaments make it through to next year!

It was a little past bedtime when we finished, and you can tell Isaac was pretty tired.

Of course we made heavily-sprinkled Christmas cookies!

And we got to talk with Santa and Mrs. Claus at the ENNC breakfast.  None of the kids could think of anything they wanted from Santa this year.  But, at least they took a cute picture!!  We had a wonderful time again this year!

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